Friday, December 25, 2015

holly jolly

Well, it's just another work day for a lot of folks and the ones taking care of Mama are no exception.   All three of us  amigos are off so I put together a couple of brunch dishes and off we went to the home.  BG did all the shopping  which is not my strong point at all.  I'm the kind that will spend hours making something but if it requires setting foot in a store you can forget it.'s what's up.  That leaves precious browsing face time  for treats like antique shops and boutiques.  I'm thinking of rebranding myself but that would require letting go of Poopie so, no.  Mom is resting now thanks to our team effort.  She only cried once about Daddy and that got us all weepy.  Her sadness is palpable over the loss of not just him, but the life they shared together for 61 years.  This too shall pass if we leave room for the spirit to work.

There's this gal that literally sings/pole dances/walks the dog up and down the major street through town and I'm sure everybody's first instinct is to try to get a picture of her.  She is in her own little world known as Nickiland.  I first noticed her about five years ago but she's updated her wardrobe to include lots of spandex now.  Today she had on a royal blue velvet Santa hat.  UCMTSU.   I'm still collecting contacts one by one as people call but this number I knew by heart.  Yaya sent me a link to her Christmas present which is where she's chilling today.  Love you. More.

Monsoon #2 began about five AM and let up just in time to get out and about.  I woke to find that Santa left us Gizmo which is always a good thing.  He's a cute little snuggler and loves roaming the yard.   BG got locked out of her car at Wallyhell on Christmas eve at 4PM  which is not a good thing by any means.  She said she was returning her buggy and some lady shut the door that was standing open.  Merry  effin' holidays indeed!  We had no tape so she went to Shannah's to wrap Jordan's toys and also get to play with him.  Pope Francis the most holy urged us to turn away from materialism because that's what God wants.  Hey.  Good enough for me.   I am humble enough to know that I don't have all the answers.

Gratitude ~

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