Sunday, June 29, 2014

when it rains it pours

I woke up to Booger's voice coming from somewhere between asleep and half-ass conscious. He does not come gently out of sleep, if you what I mean. As long as somebody is near for him to lay on while he watches a movie it's all good. Later as I was catching up on FB and his mama was in the shower I heard him start to wail after falling. Again. He's determined to climb those baby gates and when he pushed, it fell and so did his brother's suitcase. They all hit the floor at the same time and I think he was scared. It's one thing watching cartoon characters fly around in the air and sing and another to learn that you yourself do have limits. Who among us has not tied on a towel and played Superman? Mom went to work, brother sister and Boogs went to church and I was late picking daddy up.

I read somewhere that the rainfall total for this recent monsoon has been 11 inches and it ain't over yet. Daddy cheerily announced at eggs and doughnuts that it would stop tonight and be blazing hot tomorrow. Yay! (I said never) It's good for the corn and bad for the not yet planted beans. Daddy shared that he remembered one year they didn't get planted 'til August and that was the year he dropped my mama's very first digital camera in the backwater. We chatted at breakfast about farm history and the old haunted barn with silos that was built by Son Johnson who lived on the hill right below. A tornado took his house and that's when he moved down Samaria Bend across from our home. Forked Deer backwater always came up in the spring right close to the chicken house and hog barn. I remember wading in it and catching tadpoles. Back then I was too young to be afraid of Mr. Snake.

Per our totally connected lifestyle, I am messaging on the phone and typing a blog while listening to music. See what I mean about the ADHD? It's what makes me wander and makes piles where I can't find a damned thing. I think they make a pill for that and I sure could use some help focusing around this house. At work, not so much because there's always a routine and certain things expected. Not here buddy! Our household is on so many schedules and has so many piles we do good just to get where we're supposed to be in the vicinity of the proper time. Daddy was mad because I forgot to pick him up an hour early and nobody told me "recently" like yesterday when I was there, that the plan was different. Between BG, myself and Mom we got about 8 phone calls before we settled in to eat.

Rain, rain go away. Little Poopie wants to play^j^

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