Friday, June 6, 2014

mercedes benz

If you had told my hippie ass thirty years ago I'd be listening to Iggy Azalea as an almost sixty year old single smartass, I probably would have given you a really blank stare because that's not what I expected. What I got instead of a white picket fence was 48 years, give or take, in a place that's like paradise to wildlife. I left the red log cabin for college in the big city and got my own place after graduation. I married the wrong man out of guilt, had a child with him and he almost died at age 39 from a massive heart attack. Clot busters saved his life that time. When he ended up with a crack habit, it was a different story. His truck was repo'd in December one year and he spent Christmas in jail for a felony that placed him in the wrong place and time with another crack user. The job went before the truck, by the way. The entire time we were married I worried about him and I'm happy to say he's been clean and sober for six years after becoming employed through the recovery center where he received treatment

So many people look at addiction as something to be ashamed of, and anything that becomes a necessity to keep the boat floatin' can present a problem. Sex addicts are some of the most charming men I've ever met, and can be the deadliest. Most everybody is addicted to more than one thing even if it's some sort of ritual or chant. Anything to bring peace to the place where there is a hurtful heart. One of my favorite songs ever is Get Over It by the Eagles and it tells the story of bitching and moaning and kicks the inner child's ass. I do believe that at some point in life, that has to happen because nothing good can come into a place with bad karma like that hanging around. I was into drama a bit in high school and actually did a performance one night as Janis Joplin, complete with velvet dress and messed up hair. I knew every word to that song and still do when I hear it.

Booger came to the sawmill today and got passed around and oohed and ahhed over by everybody in the house. A couple of my co-workers have connections with him through those family type relationships where you give somebody a place to stay in faith that a life will be enriched. On June 16th three of my favorite people will graduate from a two year recovery program that is overseen by a local judge. His honor believes in giving people chances if they make an effort to work the steps through the two year program court sponsored program. It's hard for many of them because they have minimal job opportunities, most especially when shackled with a felony drug conviction. You can bet your sweet ass mine will be up in that courtroom with a camera, in scrubs. Maybe somebody can cover at the sawmill???

And that's what's up on the lane.

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