Tuesday, June 17, 2014

just another day

I totally forgot that Marf bought ice cream yesterday so we had it for lunch and it was yumyum. We then proceeded to send phone pics of ourselves behaving acting the fool in our break room to our absent boss. It's too hot for words and the lower floor has no air so we avoid that area like the plague. Poor pharmacy and histo are stuck there since days of old! Allergens are at an all time high with mold being a huge problem for me and mine. My friend mentioned today that I have too much house and she's right. For 24 years I've paid rent on an antique structure and almost killed myself trying to make it work. I don't need the stress.

I've been googling shoulder surgery trying to talk myself into it and most all experts agree that if it's a significant tear of that particular tendon, it must be fixed surgically. At least my recovery will be easier because of the treatments I get from Aunt Gay. BG is well on her way to being outta' here as soon as she earns some $$ to start off with. Sadly, there isn't much opportunity for growth in dying southern 'burgs. Which reminds me of my friend the river guy from Clarksdale, John Ruskey. Now Clarksdale is about as poor as a southern town can be but it's where the blues began moving upward toward Beale. John's business is a custom Mississippi river expedition company in dugout canoes made by him. The after school apprentice program has given many at-risk youth something to concentrate on besides poverty. Survival skills will keep them alive when all else fails. John and Sara and his daughter live at the Clarksdale outpost and there is also one in Helena.I was fascinated to see the performance of he and river buddy Mike's re-creation of Lewis and Clark, aka Ruskey and Clark. Mike lives near St Louis. Other landings around include Hickman KY and WK Ford in Dyer county. There is one in Blytheville that has a to-die-for view. I would never have seen these places had it not been for my friendship with a guy who started out in Colorado and floated his way to Mississippi right by the Sunflower. John was hired by our local Chamber of Commerce to take local officials and chamber people on a tour of the local Forked Deer and see how disgusting the trash is. That river runs through the south side of our town and floods on a whim. Nobody lives near it much anymore. There's this really cool iron bridge from the deserted residential area over to a path towards Dunagan's and David Lee's shop. Back in the day that was how traffic rolled in Southtown, I reckon.

My heart hurts thinking about how many people are dying each day in this world because of hatred and persecution. Just in case we Americans feel all smug about our "rights" as guaranteed by the Constitution a bunch of jihadists kick the government of Iraq's ass because we're not buying into their game. BG watched a conspiracy theory show about 9/11 today and was telling me about the odd angles of the planes and such. She had never noticed it and I doubt many of us did because of the shock at being attacked in such a big way, right in the heart of our financial district as if to say "there you infidels!" I do not believe that we were complacent enough to have those operatives flying under the radar for five years prior to the event. And for the record, if I turn up dead? The CIA did it.


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