Wednesday, June 4, 2014

breakfast of champions

Every now and then a crack dealer mother of some kid or another will come around with a sign up sheet for the most richly indulgent pastry ever, the famous Butter Braid. I've tried several kinds but now stick with the cream cheese stuffed one because anything with cream cheese is my BFF. It has that same kind of glazed icing that Mama used to spread on our cinnamon rolls. I forgot I had ordered one until I found it in the freezer at the sawmill. We've even had THEFT of butter braids up in there, they are that good. Mine was discreetly wrapped in a plastic sack for safe keeping and now sits on top of the stove dripping with goodness. My 2nd favorite breakfast food is cold pizza. Go figure that one.

I can't really tell if my shoulder is worse or it's just a getting old thing with the joints because now BOTH of them ache. A lot of my pain comes from tight muscles and computer use. Tap tap tap all day at work and then tap tap some more on the blog and FB. I do know that I've been told that if the tear is not fixed within 6-12 months, it's permanent. I need that arm to make a living and other important things like driving(to work. Sugardaddy has failed me so it's just me against the wolves until I die or retire or get taken off on a space ship. I feel sure there will be dung beetles involved somehow, right Hoss?

Everybody's getting all pissy and mad over the gun vs knife vs what kills people is people agenda. I'm such a conspiracy theorist I see the latest rash of stabbings as endorsed by the NRA to further their business. It doesn't matter WHAT kills people, except that guns are a way to do it multiply and quickly and that's scary. Once again, I'm not a purist on the issue because I see the right to have hunting gear and qualified handgun ownership. Automatic weapons are not the answer to anything but war. No wait, they didn't stop that either. They just made Cheney richer.

This demolibtard is not praising our President by any means. I have listed before what I see as his weaknesses and that won't go away. That being said, google the NDAA and actually read it. My friend Chris schooled me on that one yesterday and mentioned that one of my fav politicians helped put it through. Well, in a way they ALL did. As I understand, the bill is now ready for President Obama to sign. Or maybe it's already happened. ANYwho...While we are all busy claiming party loyalty and calling each other names, our elected officials are busy perpetuating that hatred because it benefits them. Non-partisan statement.

Boogs and I played a little ball this morning while his mama got ready to go "byebye". He still doesn't understand the rolling back and forth game, choosing instead to just carry one in each hand doing his little drunk man walk saying "Dadadadadada". Or heyyyyyyyy with a big grin. After that I wandered in the yard noticing several toadstools. I did finally see some lightning bugs last night which gave me great faith that all is not lost. They stay close to the house though, and I don't blame them! I fed Faith's rose bushes and remembered not only her burial but when we buried Butterbean by car headlights with Eva Cassidy's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow playing. You can't make that shit up, ya'll. Oh, and remember the freakin' K9 unit came out the night Faith died and I almost went to jail. There's no telling how many animals we've buried here over the years and their souls have returned to pet heaven.

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