Friday, June 20, 2014

oh happy day

Well the world is rejoicing because it's the weekend but it's not a biggie to me because I'm working, so there. Plus it's hot as hades and steamy now since the thundershower. I've become my summer self which consists of inside daytimes and little adventures when there's a breeze. I was going through the lunch line and noticed a woman and young girl come in with "Feed the Need" stickers on their shirts and I knew exactly what they were doing. Taking meals to those who can't afford decent food. It's a once a month 100% volunteer food bank and it takes a lot of selfless folks to make it happen. That's when you know that nobody's trying to be a star, just to do the right thing. It was freaky friday so all the elderly were eating their reduced price meal and visiting. I saw Mr. John Fisher pulling up as I went through the doors.

So, the IRS stalked me noticed that I didn't report some income in 2012 which was totally my bad so now I owe them 1000 bucks due by July 16. If I don't have that amount available I can set up a "payment" plan until next year's return which they will fleece. If they only knew how much I detest that my money goes to people like the Kochs and Cheney. I see very little hope for our economy unless Big Ernie pulls a fast one and closes those tax loopholes. It's too late to start the whole process over, just fix it so that people aren't starving while working their asses off. In the heat. And rain. And cold. And dark of night!

I'm one of those who will give until it hurts and then whine about it but I try to make a conscious effort to maintain that attitude without getting hurt. Like my ex always said "expect nothing." That way you're pleasantly surprised when something goes well. I must honestly say that I've been betrayed by many people in my life and it was almost always my fault for expecting them to be as capable as I am of trust. I have stood with friends as they were having meltdowns and moving out on husbands and many other harrowing times. I once took a guy to his girlfriend' dad's funeral because she was still legally married. That was over there in Gibson county I believe. It's just what friends do.

Yaya and Redneck friend and I drank a boatload of beer together in our younger days, most of it at the kudzu bar. There was one particularly hilarious picture we took of Amy and Beverly in the evil vine up to their waists! Bev's husband Terry owned the place and died in an accident on the way to....Gibson county. Shortly thereafter Timmy D lost his position got booted out after 35 years of loyal service. He promptly bought the bar from Bev, got it going the way he wanted and found another job. Which is what we do now because there is no retirement or SS or neverland where you sit and read magazines, bake pies and knit. These are things that won't wait until you're "ready." I'm intrigued by the way we measure time as in I will be happy WHEN...i lose weight/graduate/get married/the kids are gone/etc. My mama has this big fat laminated pin on her bulletin board that says "Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal." Wise woman, she is.

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