Thursday, June 12, 2014

retirement and terrorism

This stunning woman crossed my path today and I guessed her age to be around fiftyish. She is 65 and said since she retired it's been nothing but things happening with her health. I smiled in understanding and told her that's why I'd work 'til I drop. Oh, and of course there's the money thing. I get by with no new clothes except from the DG and I have a very good job. The crash hit everybody hard especially students who graduated into the lean years after loaded with debt. When I was in college it was conceivable to put yourself through school if you had a good work ethic and/or comfortable middle class parents, it could be done. We will never see that again in our lifetime. Like my FB friend Carl says "return to the Dark Ages."

So there's an Islamic state in the making? Not our business until they cross the borders again. The way I see it our years of involvement there left them with a great way to kill each other over centuries old nit picking bullshit about whose ideology is correct. Think Christianity times a kazillion sects, many of them tribal. When our forces pulled out and the dust settled, thousands of lives were lost over something that will always be. I hope Halliburton and all involved enjoy the heat that the devil will bring them. You too Cheney.

GH Bush is 90 today and jumped out of a plane or chopper with a parachute which I think is mighty cool. I mean what have you got to lose?????? However, that by no means I'll be voting for Rand Paul. Cousin Debbie warned me about his Kentucky political style. He's riding on his daddy's coattails with his own agenda. Somebody a good bit toward the middle is needed for the GOP to attract undecided voters because the tea party scares the shit out of most folks except the ones who like guns and hate the government. Anarchy, I'm telling you. Enjoy life while you can!

I'm looking at the potential Democratic alternative to hard line southern men that are too stubborn to compromise. Our economy is DYING people. A lot of it in our state comes from tourism but when there's no money to spend, guess what's the first thing to go? Reelfoot Lake was created by an earthquake in 1812 when native Americans lived there and the Big Muddy had a hiccup. As the lake has filled in a couple of small towns have been a frequent destination for many who like West TN outings for fishing and whatnot. There is a state park and nature conservatory with snakes that all the kids can hold if they like. Ya'll know I didn't touch the damned thing when I went!

I think that's why the rainbow was so beautiful the other day...kind of God's way of showing us that all is not lost even if the world's going to hell in a handbasket. Let something go and if it returns? It's yours.


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