Friday, June 13, 2014

less government, more fridays

You know, I can totally understand those who are against government involvement in our lives as in the NSA and facial recognition technology. Also, I think the government's accounting system is pretty crappy, most especially when it comes to our tax dollars being used wisely. This is not a partisan thing by any means. I do totally understand that our dependence on foreign oil must cease and that cutting the country in half with an oil pipeline isn't the only answer. Sure Canada has oil and they want to sell it. That can be accomplished in safer ways and in smaller volumes if we learn to cut carbon emissions in order to care for our earth. It's the only one we've got, remember?

Enough about Benghazi and Dubya and Monica and Cheney. The time is now for leaders of the two major parties to consider who their constituents are and move closer to the middle where they can, if not touch, at least speak. Cantor is gone so there's that and I doubt old Mitch will live to filibuster many more times. There should be an age limit on serving in Congress just like with driving. So what if they pitch a fit when they lose the keys!! Term limits. Those two simple words are enough to motivate the ones who really WANT to make a difference to rally their troops without spending millions on campaigns. We all saw how that turned out in Virginia. How that plays out remains to be seen. If that future includes Bachmann or Palin, count me out not because they are women but because they are playing dumb and cute with our lives and "family values."

Now I may be wrong on this, but hear me out. How can it be right to torture someone to death legally but not to legally terminate an early pregnancy. Killing is killing. If ya'll quit frying people I might reconsider my stance on other things. Also? Not everybody has your God and believes that all children deserve to be born into a society where marriage is no longer the norm, much less a stable family environment. If I knew then what I know now about marriage I would have never gone there like I did. It was "expected" and I was obedient. I rode into the sixties on the ass end of upper middle class scenario in the Old South. My grandparents had lots of money and she got to play bridge instead of work. Oh, and there was the garden club too. He was long gone by then, dying of heart disease at the age of 45. Mama still cries for him almost 40 years later.

Looking at what I know to be the risk of surgery in this day and time I'm meeting again with the doc to check range of motion and see if options have changed. Plus maybe get a shot to get by! Myofascial release is a wonderful treat and has kept me from being in severe pain along with OTC meds. My friend Scott had neuro-surgery and can't walk straight now so he came over to get a CT scan of his brain yesterday and showed off his super duper back belt. Dude has hardware up in that joint, just saying. Marfie is getting two kittens today and already has a treehouse and robo litterbox ordered. Names are still up in the air.

Sweet corn still looks about three weeks out but it should be good because there's been plenty of sun and rain. As for the GMOfest surrounding me, I stay inside a lot not by choice but by necessity. Every time it rains that crap just hangs in the air like poison. Oh, is!!

Ya'll have a good one and remind somebody how special they are. You never know who may be having a bad day and need to keep the faith ^j^

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