Monday, June 9, 2014

voice recognition

We were talking at work today about how technology has changed in the area of medical records and transcription. Millions of workers have spent countless days of their lives trying to understand a doctor's mumbling into the crude little mic that went on rounds with him. Dictation is tough, especially if you don't know the practitioner so here's when advanced technology comes in with voice recognition. I didn't realize until recently that smartphones do the same thing. If the computer hears a specific voice enough times, it puts an identity to it. I wish I could tell you that all is well in the world of corporate IT but sometimes that's just not the case. Doctors are notorious for wanting to do it their way and for not wanting to learn the rules at the place where they are being paid thousands of dollars by Medicare and insurance companies. The FDA is a biggie in the area of transfusion medicine and I swear to you when I started this job chicken inspectors were doing lab inspections.

As a new grad I did ten years of night call for time and a half but I was young enough to deal with the sleeplessness. Plus we had diet pills to help a girl along. I will never forget crying with my boss about how I just couldn't do the call any more most especially with a baby. That's when we got a third shift and the lab became a 24/7 event. We went from Coulter to Ortho to KDA from boiling test tubes and getting cussed out by specialists who didn't have a clue what our lives were about. People are living longer because of huge investments into insurance and big Pharm. My official retirement age for SS is 67 which is only ummm...9 years away. Come on know you would love some Poopster.

I realized officially in my brain today following a sleepless night, that the bitch in my shoulder must be dealt with. The pain is now steady, even with restricted activity and OTC meds. As a right hander I've worn that side of my body to the bone tapping on a typewriter and then later on a keyboard. I took shorthand in college but that quickly became out of date just like transcription. Imagine that.

We're waiting for another storm to roll in from the south so ya'll send blessings to all of us on this hill. We have dodged the bullet several times before. Nothing like being high on the bluff when a tornado strikes.


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