Wednesday, June 11, 2014

pork barrel politics

One thing about all the rain is that there have been some to-die-for rainbows lately. Most of the time I see it from my back porch ending somewhere over the golf course and airport. The one yesterday was exactly what I needed to help me believe that it all works out. So what if the world is ending and Cantor lost to a damn econ professor after shelling out 11M plus for a sure win campaign. Note to Keith: Watch out Robert Reich might get elected!! What disturbs me the most is that the hatred is still there as Mosul falls with Baghdad right behind it. For this we spent billions of dollars and lost thousands of lives? Jesus wouldn't like that. It was all about the fuel, you know. Blame it on the Koch Brothers that we're rapidly losing coastal areas due to hurricanes and oil spills. My friend Lorna dropped by today to bring some iris and brought her granddaughter Gracie who is just so freakin' adorable I'm sure we'll be friends forever. We did a few pics and caught up on a year's worth of the state of our lives which are remarkably similar. She and Carol were friends and I became friends with both. They have taught me the value of organic living and holistic medicine.

Charlie and I talked today about how you can spot an old Vietnam vet from a mile away because they always have the hat or vest or something on all the time. Her ex had her all over the world during his Army days and even now she is one of the only ones who understands when he has a PTSD episode and needs to know who was there with him. They lived in Alaska during most of the time he was deployed in Iraq. So I'm thinking now I really know how those poor folks in the Euro region feel with kings and queens partying on tea and crumpets while there are beggars in the street who didn't choose that life. My grandmother Gaga actually went to meet the queen during the 60s. Debbie said she remembers them taking her to the train station to hook up with a giant ship named after said royalty. As ME says "it's good to be queen."

The sawmill has been surprisingly manageable probably due to the fact that TN didn't expand Medicaid options and hospitals are dying. I've written to all the Republicans in charge of our great state and they don't like my political views. I get copied and pasted emails from their staff when I think to check Yahoo! One of these days southern good old boys, you will lost your grip and when you do? I will laugh and laugh. It is not by accident that the major industry of many states is healthcare. Hell we're all old with one foot in the grave.

Keep the faith ^j^

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