Sunday, June 22, 2014

wheat straw justice

My parents live in the lowlands of our farm and have wheat all around which got cut yesterday and promptly burned. There's an art to that and I thought they did no-till but I guess it was too tough to plant around. The giant irrigation system is parked right by the road in all its' glory ready to water a crop of beans that will follow. Thus, the name wheat beans. Tony had breakfast duty today and Mama opted to pass on the eggs and doughnuts and visit her younger sister Nancy at the home. I called Daddy yesterday so he could write the code in his "little book." That's where his to-do list lives. His sisters rarely bother with visiting because he's such a horse's ass about the schedule but they're gettin' on up there too so everybody just needs to stay close to home. My mother is the master schemer of getting things done that she wants and needs and not putting anybody out, so to speak. We've done that for years with her asking when I was off to make appointments and now they just pay Tippi to drive them. My plate is full with work and survival.

Yesterday was busy at the sawmill but today, not so much so I made an early exit to start my day off with 1/2 extra fo' free. There were times when I didn't have the paid time off to afford that luxury. For that, I thank Big E. As part of the aging work force that serves healthcare consumers I can honestly say that I've never been more sorry about the delivery of care because it is totally inefficient. Just in my little town there are probably a hundred practitioners who can write orders and none of them are connected to the PHI that another provider has right there on file. Why, you ask? Because it keeps people busy shuffling papers.

Shannah and the kids took an extended vacay at their old place and it was totally enjoyed by all even though we missed them after a week. Part of the trust that the court system put in her is that she will continue to work hard caring for herself and her children in a stable environment. I'm not real sure how stable this particular house is but I guess it beats nothing. As long as everybody let's me do my own thing with minimal interference, it's good. There is, however, an inflatable pool full of slimy green water serving as a breeding spot for mosquitoes and that has to be dealt with. I mean, gah. Water is free thanks to the underground well and pump.

My long time friend and therapist called yesterday because I sent out an SOS call and we never touched base. We have a session tomorrow to catch up on all that is my life and I haven't even paid him for the last two. That's what's known as non-abandonment in his profession. Sometimes I marvel at how he's managed to be there on and off for 15 years. Everybody here is sick and not pooping right so there's that to deal with plus the heat and the smoke from a burning fire.

Politics in general are like watching the crazy kid slaughter people in a movie theater or school so I abstain. I'm stealth on that issue.


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