Sunday, June 15, 2014

swattin' flies

Hardly a day goes by that I don't visit a dollar store for something and I've forgotten every time to get a three pack of flyswatters in various neon colors. I can still smack one even with my sore arm! My friend Lorna was being Buddha to her granddaughter the other day and showing her how "sparkly" the fly was on her arm in the sun. It's a different story when they're on your food and whatnot. I know where those bastards come from.

It's been really quiet around Casa Poops this week since Boogs and family have been staying elsewhere. It was a week of vacation for all of us because it was a damn long winter in this old house. Booger is getting to the age where two naps is too much and one isn't enough. He literally wears himself out exploring and interacting with everybody who pops within view. "Haaaayyyyy" with a big grin is his trademark. The baby pool is green again but I'm not dumping it alone...I couldn't if I wanted to. It's around 90 but not really humid yet...I just don't seem to be able to take the heat anymore. It must be an old people thing or something.

I slept like the dead last night thanks to Benadryl and a frozen bottle of water for my neck. Stretching is becoming more and more important and I can actually feel the right side of my body contracting which may or may not be from the fall. More than likely, it's carpal tunnel syndrome gone bad. I had CT surgery on the left which was showing symptoms at the time. It took about six months for the symptoms to go away but was worth it. I'm not real sure about six weeks in a sling. We shall see.

I'm excited about the upcoming elections because I see more and more people turning away from talking heads and using their informative powers to make a personal choice about candidates and what they stand for. Our sheriff's race is heating up and there's an ad in the local rag for police chief. Maybe BG can apply for that!!! State representative Fincher has an office on our court square but I've never seen anybody in it. That would be the office right next to the newly constructed beer garden that never got used. Local politics are alive and well in Dyer County. We are the place where a sitting sheriff got arrested for sheep theft in a Missouri motel. I didn't say we're proud of it, but that's what was happening for years through his term and his father's multiples. We were also the subject of national news when a sitting judge was convicted of using his power to get sexual favors from women who had cases pending. Once again, I wasn't there but it was a big deal for a long time....LOOOOng time. He's still in prison and I don't get it because he's an old man now and sitting there spending his life behind bars for the past. I bet Obama would pardon him!

I read yesterday that TN is the 3rd most corrupt state in the country and it cited the Ford family et al for their Tennessee Waltz scam. He and his family also raped Tenncare which was an excellent program until the greed factor came into play. Phil Bredesen was the point man on that program and I grieve the day that the Memphis bunch ruined it for everybody. There was daycare and healthcare for those who needed it to raise a family in one of the poorest states in the nation.

I'm off to google my state legislators. Ya'll enjoy Sunday afternoon ^j^

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