Sunday, June 8, 2014

random faith

Today is (as we all know) eggs and doughnuts only I'm tired of eggs so I get sausage rolls and hash browns. The usual crowd didn't show so there were about five tables of us sitting there doing our own thing. Right when I walked in the door a girl I've known since her childhood gave me the biggest hug ever and I totally called her by her sister's name. Sometimes, ya'? She and her friend left a while later and the word spread among those of us ready to check out that the bill was taken care of. Pay it forward sister...always ^j^ One of our local churches has started that wave of kindness and it's spread out of the sheer love involved with anonymous giving. And of course, BF has amazed me over the years in that way. It's everywhere if you take yourself out of the picture and walk in the shoes of others. The key is letting your grace be known by not needing applause.

I'm told over and over again that I must be perfect because there is no room for error in my profession. I don't know about ya'll, but I think that's a tad unrealistic. I strive for it always, and occasionally cross the finish line but for the most part I'm jut a tired old gal who needs a break. I am not alone in my struggles because most of my co-workers are in the same boat except for the new grads. I am the kind of personality who has spurts of organization and tends to be lazy and a big time procrastinator. If I can put it off until my day off/weekend you can bet I will. And that time passes and here it all still sits. My room is organized except for dirty blankets from muddy dogs all over the floor. You should have seen BG and me in the yard this morning trying to dump the plastic blow-up pool. I thought I for sure I was gonna' have a heart attack.

I noticed even more today that Mama doesn't have a clue who is who up at the pulpit in Dyersburg FUMC. Today it was lay people doing the service which is a hallmark of Methodism. Gary Lawsom has been the director of Lakeshore for as long as I can remember and he posted some damage pics following the straight line winds around the camp. I was booked for an Emmaus Walk there many years ago and of course didn't go. The people who wrote me letters remain special and now and again I read them to remember their faith in me. I like living in such a way that I can see God's hand in everyday life one soul or spirit at a time. A true believer of any tribe should be able to do that.

Okay...stop me if you've heard this one. Cathy and I chatted about church during and after our porch visit next door to where the former minister rallied their troops following a bizarre history beginning with rock star and ending as keeper of the flock at St. Johns in Memphis. And one of their associate pastors is a doctor who has set up a wildly successful not for profit clinic. That's the Methodist church I need to see. I will go to my grave believing that basic healthcare is a human right and that Jesus meant it when he talked about the least of these.

How's that for a sermon? I saw Mr.Snake for the first time today and backed up to make sure he was really dead which he undeniably was and covered with flies to boot. It was right in front of Mozella the mayor's house. I'm taking that as a positive sign rather than dwelling on that hearse down by the end of the road.


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