Thursday, June 5, 2014

and then the bottom fell out

It's still tornado season around these parts and it seems like El Nino or whatever is responsible for wreaking severe thunderstorm and hail havoc is in charge. Looks like a long four days for the heart of West Tennessee. During my brokest days and beyond, I kind of turned into a recluse not by choice but by necessity. I'm still not used to being able to just up and go do something enjoyable without worrying about the loan sharks getting me. I've still got one, and it's high interest BUT...there are no more payday loans or much owed to propane guy. I still owe the dentist but as I make financial amends, his shall be paid as well. In hindsight, I should have just had 'em all pulled and gotten an upper. I grew up in the country where water was not fluoridated which makes a huge difference in the quality of dental health.

Yesterday we finally christened Gigi's pool with our presence and soon were joined by Emme and Evan and Finley who fought and played and generally did the brother/sisters thing. We have watched those kids grow up around the pool back to the first time Evan jumped off the board. Lord, how the years pass. After a little fun in the sun I headed to Crockett county to visit my friend Cathy on her porch. We sat there in the heart of downtown Friendship drinking wine (beer for me, of course) and talking about small town life and who's doing what. Patsye picked me up in her hot convertible and there I went braless looking like a person of WalMart headed for an afternoon of sisterhood. It wasn't until I got home that I realized the beautiful red GalaxyS4 that Josh talked me into was missing. We called it..not a sound. I searched the car this morning and Gigi's pool in the early daylight and nada. Frantically I sent a FB message to Cathy and Patsye telling them what's up because I don't know their numbers because I have no phone. Oh, yeah, thank you Matthew Zuck.

Work was fairly calm which means it's summer at sawmill land and I can get into that mode a little more often if you know what I mean. Torn shoulder, ya know. Also in hindsight, I should have promptly visited an orthopedic doc after the 2nd fall and got her did. My bad, which is usually what comes of being a martyr. I don't play nearly the good little girl that I used to. It took seeing my mother come un-glued multiple times to help me realize that it's a dead end street to play the victim. I stopped by the corner drug store for a few things and about the time I pulled out of their lot the monsoon began. The farther south I drover, the harder it got. I don't even have a dang decent umbrella!

We have caller ID at work and mid-day I saw my number show up knowing that my baby was found! Cathy had searched flower beds and finally found it under a chair cushion the same color. JoAnn had already mentioned how far I've come to not be hysterical over not knowing where it was. Hey...with the life I've lived the past few years? I figured it will just turn up after I do my part.


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  1. Glad you found the phone before the bottom fell out.
    I too have a bad shoulder, been that way since last fall (season).