Saturday, June 28, 2014

wild women and biker BBQ

One of my classmates with roots here is in and out for the summer when she's off the school calendar so we take that opportunity to gather up a bunch of girls and do lunch somewhere and LORD bless the server who deals with us because as we all know, the tickets are separate and the laughter is loud and genuine. We were the first ones to come in and got put in the corner booth that wraps around sixties style, which is exactly what we will all be soon. did that happen???? We talked about old lady things like driving at night and who's died. Mostly, we just giggle and talk about stupid stuff like the newest lesbian liquor store that I totally didn't know existed. And the name? Lucky Liquor. There was once a pretty rough biker bar between Newbern and Trimble called Lickety Split. Hey, you can't make this shit up.

Afterwards I stopped by the Kudzu bar where Timmy D and a boatload of volunteers are raising money for our friend Amy who has breast cancer. She and her parents have been like family to me for many many years with me being their advocate, so to speak, through several health crises. I bought a butt from Gigi so i slide up into that familiar parking lot in my nastyass trusty old Camry to visit and pick up the meat. All the guys were sweaty and I hugged the fire out of 'em anyway. It was the best of small town friendship and good will. The kudzu bar ought to be in Wiki by now because I've blogged it enough. Technically it's Dunagan's South Main Sports Bar. Prior to it was Bev's,Buttercup's,Sap's and assorted others. Geno came here when I was in my twenties and started the bar and deli where I hung out when I wasn't on freakin' call. That one was called simply "The Deli." It went on to be a catfish place and then burned. Now there's a church or something. Ah, the irony.

The corn is closing in on us and getting pretty creepy making me want to watch Field of Dreams instead of being scared of zombie children. I can actually feel the presence of that GMO wall that blocks us in. Allergies are out the roof because of all the rain and a moldy basement. No.Air.Moving. Except when a thunderstorm blows through, again. Beans aren't planted yet and it's looking late and iffy. I did see one little patch of them today but they were tiny. The weather was like this when my sister-in-law told me that she and my brother were divorcing. We sat on the front porch spring in the downpour and she told me all about it and how she needed to move on and I said "go girl." Legally blind, she went on to earn a college degree and is now a highly respectable state employee in our capital city. Here's a thread on that story. She married a guy who works with the USDA like my daddy did. Small world.

One of our lunchmates was talking about me posting funny stuff today and my response was that I just don't care any more what people think or how they judge me. That's a huge relief for somebody with my ADHD tender hearted soul. I remember Claude telling me about Adderol one time "Just tell the doctor you move papers around a lot." That's an understatement. Gigi's rule of thumb is never touch a thing but once. If you didn't use it, pitch it. Maybe I won't get selected for Hoarders Live after all.

Happy (almost) 4th of July. Let freedom ring, by God ^j^

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