Wednesday, June 25, 2014

peaceful kingdom

I managed to make it through the day without smacking anybody 'nor even a cross word on my part. Drama just wears me out even though I understand the cause at times. As a recovering CoD who has constantly been tested on my boundaries since my "aha" moment, I can honestly attest that the more you do the more others expect. As someone once told me "you did that to yourself." Indeed I did and I'm retiring from being ruler of the world anywhere anytime. I'll do what I can do when I get it done in a manner that is prompt and efficient which is what customer service is about. Sometimes we forget in the ancillaries that there are people on the other end of what we do who need care from the entire team. I carried some blood to someone today who had an entire village working to save her life. It's what I long for during days of tedium, even thought I know it's a shot in the dark sometimes. You gotta' try! We know each other and our families and we have codes for every type of emergency situation that might arise. It was chilling to find "active shooter" on that list recently. A sign of the times, I suppose.

Bound for me, Game of Thrones has been on free HBO the whole time I've had it and now it's going away. I don't have a clue what it's about but it sounds like another binge watch similar to House of Cards or Breaking Bad. I'll have to look at pricing on that because honestly? They're the only ones who have anything watchable besides NetFlix. Major networks bore the hell out of me with all the cop and detective shows. I met Tony Soprano on Showtime and that was also a passion for many seasons. I think the very first HBO produced film was one featuring my celebrity boyfriend who dies in the end. The Jack Bull maybe?

Shannah and Boogs are in the newly clean blowup pool splashing and playing to stay cool. He's a joy to watch as he explores his own boundaries with three strong willed women stopping him at every turn. Sister and brother are at church camp and I can only say praise Jesus and don't get in trouble. Their dad is there so it's not likely. I never went to church camp until I was in high school but I was at Girl Scout camp somewhere every single summer. I've got ancient pictures of my mother the senior scout and her buddies. Camp Hazelwood is still there I believe on the grounds of Kentucky lake. Girl Scouts have kind of lost their memberships because families in today's economy can't afford those things anymore. Mama's place was called Hiawathee on the Spring river in Arkansas. BG was a GS too and we were cookie chairmen for the ENTIRE county one February. That's a lot of boxes, ya'll. They are to me one of those not for profit groups who are top-heavy with national administrative fees while the locals get to be volunteer parents. Kind of like the National Cancer Society. Before you slam me on that one let me point out that we have a community cancer group that is ALL volunteer and they raise funds for local patients with BBQ sales. My friend Kay the funeral director is right up there in the middle of it. Remind me to tell you that story sometime.

You will not steal my joy. If you do? I did it to myself ^j^

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