Saturday, June 14, 2014

you might be a 'merkan

Well, unless I've missed something we're still not going back to Iraq so when it all shakes out, they'll figure out who is in charge. And it won't be the US, by any means. Our war mongering Big Ike mentality when it comes to who needs a government like ours is absurd. I am quite upset, though not surprised, that McConnell and company killed the student loan bill because that would be the biggest shot in the arm our economy could get. People with huge debt have no $$ left over to buy things that they want like new cars and houses and stuff. After food and utilities and transportation, there's rarely anything to save for a rainy day or emergency.

I was up at 7 which is early for a day off but the sun looked so good and it's not hot yet so I went on a hunt and gather mission to the grocery store and to get Daddy a father's day gift. It's a beautiful redwood finch feeder and some thistle. To heck with those cheap plastic things! They also had PLASTIC purple martin houses which I found rather ironic since they're a feed store. Daddy always made his out of gourds and he watched their migration every year. Now he does good to remember anything other than the exact time. My nature girl ways come straight from him because Mama never did much like to sweat though she did play the part when they were younger and had gardens and flower beds. Both of them were quite involved with the county fair and Daddy is a past president.

My dad is one of the most loyal servants I've ever known and following early retirement from the US government he spent most of his time volunteering for those less fortunate. So did Mom...always, with the both of them it was about giving back in response to blessings received. They are faithful tithers to their home church still to this day, and regular with their attendance. Daddy and I were in the choir together for years, he a tenor and my alto self. This was during the tenure of Mark Locke as director and though demanding, the services were always filled with beautiful music. Except for that day Mrs. Charlene Fisher talked me into playing the piano. Bad,Bad,Bad I was. I doubt Jesus even liked it. My relationship with my father has been one of misunderstanding for a lot of years with me being verbally abused in anger because he didn't know any other way to relate. I remember around the age of 40 when he called me out in front of a bunch of my peers and I thought I'd smack him right then and there. Instead, I cried. My brother can be just like him and has made me cry almost as many times. They just don't understand women, but then who does?

Happy Father's Day to all those who have guided young lives with love including Billie G Stafford. Love ya...mean it

Jane ^j^

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