Monday, June 16, 2014

standing room only

Today was a huge one for several folks including my buddies Shannah, Ashton and Frankie. Two years after entering a court sponsored program for drug offenders instead of jail time, they graduated to great applause and relief. I missed the first two plaques because they started early but was still part of the moment. The last time I was there was also a no seats affair and I ended up climbing into the jury box for the selection process. I never got called during my entire term. The grit and determination shown by these folks is astounding to a weenie like me. The first time a group got rowdy I'd just have to pitch a hissy fit and call the judge. Their humble leader is Mr. Hal who is an old school dude transitioned to fit the needs of today's society. It takes a village. The name of their haven is Here's Hope.

It's hot and I don't like it one damned bit. That right there should show you how hard I try to be a good girl because if I had to burn in hell I'd be toast in five minutes. Here are some things that I see happening in the near future warwise. Buddying up with Iran is a wise choice, particularly since they are mostly likely the ones with WMD. Everybody knows Hussein didn't have them and that killing Bin Laden wasn't the end of terrorism. Those people are generations inbred with sectarian tendencies toward violence and hostility, totally losing the peaceful Muslim principle of communion with a loving god. Jesus doesn't have to be in their version of worship, just saying.

My friend Money Mike is Hindu (of course) and he and his otha' brother MikeII run several convenience stores and support their families quite well. BG used to work for him so we're all family up in there including Sara. He has to travel to a temple to worship and I'm not sure what that's all about but he's a nice guy and has been a good friend to me so I could care less. You see....HERE'S THE THING. God is love and God is good. All the time ^j^

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