Monday, June 2, 2014

hip to be square

Booger's outside just a swinging but it's already too hot for grammaw to play much. Plus humid, mucho grande and lotso' bugs. Evidently the dogs have worn off their Sevin dust because I found critters on me last night. I'm getting to be a real pro at spotting and murdering those little bastards. HATE 'em worse than a snake. No, wait..not really. For the first time I've noticed that there are no lightning bugs around which probably means they're avoiding the Monsanto cornathon and golf course roundup extravaganza. At least I'm upwind from the course or I'd really be suffering. Up until about five years ago, there were acres and acres of pasture for the cattle to graze on. One of my most vivid memories of my Daddy at dementia onset is of him driving like a madman chasing cows out of the crop field across from my house slapping the side of his truck and hollering some word which I still don't know. It must have been cow talk and they didn't talk to me. I think maybe Yaya talked to them on one occasion. There may have been a bit of illegal substance involved that night, but I can't say for sure. Ya'll know how the memories fade.

I also remember setting my room on fire one time just to see a UT pompom burn on my bulletin board. Hell yes..rebel to the core and also closet pyromaniac. Now that I have a yard with lots of limbs to burn I can get a fix that way. As long as it's not around November when there's a burn ban. I'll never forget the time I did that and the flames took off like gas across the dry pasture. My friend Debbie the author was visiting from Texas and she jumped out and grabbed a rake to help me keep the whole damn place from being torched. The only comfort I had at that point was that it would stop at the road or ditch or both, hopefully. We went to see RENT together and it remains one of the most moving musicals I've ever seen. Layers of issues, ya'll.

I'm currently listening to Huey Lewis and the News which always makes me happy. I saw them with my girlfriends at the Coliseum in Memphis along with an introduction to Robert Cray live and in person. There are currently several venues for live music in Memphis but the FedEx Forum is the place to be for sports and big name stars like the country ones. Mud Island was the perfect place to listen to music and chill. Nice meeting facilities as well. I was never much of an Elvis fan as in, I live 80 miles away and still haven't been to Graceland, mainly because it's in the hood. There have been some great acts at The Garden Live series.

I ran into a childhood friend today who is having some serious health issues and I was amazed at how good she looks considering what she's been through. I rarely tell people I'll be praying for them because I'm scared I'll forget. I told her just that and it shall be. Also for my dear friend Liz who is facing big time heart surgery in the AM. Our mamas worked together at the State of TN unemployment office for years on end until Mom had a hissy fit and said to hell with it. She retired just in time to spend oodles of time with BG as a baby. On the way to some destination I noticed that her childhood pre-school is no more and that made me sad. There was no preK in public schools so we who were lucky enough paid for our kids to go to "Miss Carol's." Drop 'em off early, Philip and Jessie don't mind a bit. She was an angel in both of our lives. She had parties and took pictures and more or less made being a kid with other kids fun. Their curriculum included the alphabet and numbers and all that matching stuff. She learned to write there. Entering public school at the tender age of 4, she did just fine until puberty. For three years I couldn't stand the sight of her smart ass and that's normal I think. My co-dependency played a large part in her young life and I'm amazed that she's overcome that.

Anything else you wanna' know?

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