Saturday, May 31, 2014


The bitch in my right shoulder got a nice myofascial release treatment the other day and stayed pretty much unbunched until my 12 hour slumberthon of last night. The evening news was still on when I gave it up and went to neverland. The ability to do that is a luxury and one that I cherish. I can see me being like my mama sleeping 'til 10 every day but Sunday when she joins Daddy for church. She can't see who anybody is so unless she recognizes a voice we have to tell her who's stopping by our table at lunch for a chat. Last week we sat behind the Hooks and Daddy got to talk football with a real coach. His wife was BG's elementary teacher and a true jewel. It's little moments like that which I know I'll miss when they're gone. I ran into my friend Liz the beautiful at the funeral and told her we'd have to stop meeting like that. Last time I saw her was at a family funeral service. I sat with my parents beneath the stained glass windows etched with names from the past and I knew that in some sense I was being prepared for my day as the grievee. We have spent the past ten years fighting each other over control of their safety and well being and oddly enough, it's still working. There was a time there when one or the other was in the hospital and that was tough keeping up with 'em at different locations. Plus somebody had to carry the other to visit said hospital bound spouse. For years I counted out pills each week until the drug store took that job over. Their grocery bill is down to about 30 bucks a week and my brother does the shopping. When I'm working, Tony has church duty. It takes a village.

Getting older sucks even though it's better than being six feet under, as they say. The human body is meant to be cared for and I've certainly not been easy on mine. I did aerobics for about 15 years which kept me young and healthy for a pretty good stretch. My friend Sally used to tell me that it was her sanity or else she might hurt somebody like BAD. I can relate. I was in my 30s and trying desperately to be a mom,friend,worker,wife and good girl all at the same time. That's where therapy happened and thank God it did.

Shannah cut my hair and it's to die for now all layered and fluffy. I need something that you can run your fingers through since I'm so lazy about "getting ready" and it's perfect for that. I sat with Booger in my lap this morning during his early wakeup time and rubbed his head while we rocked on the bed in the dark. He has a new swing and a wading pool and about 50 TeeTees to dote over him. TTW is still sleeping but will be his companion for today while I piddle away my last of three off. It has been good for the body and soul to have no agenda other than wandering from one room to another seeing what's up. Dishes are mostly clean. Laundry is manageable. Life is good.

I'm really tired of ranting about politics, and realized yesterday that when I started arguing with a conservative on my own page it was time to re-group. My roving demolibtard friends usually see a lady in distress when the word twisting begins and come to my rescue. That one? I gave up quickly. One of the most loyal readers of this blog is a conservative and I respect that because he's not the mean kind. As a businessman he knows what's up with our economy even though we don't always agree on means to an end. Sorry Keith...Robert Reich isn't just any old professor.

Corporate has come and gone not to be seen again until the fall when crops are being harvested. It's pretty cool I'd think to see just the beginning and the end instead of a summer surrounded by children of the corn. At least the barn still stands, but next year it will go as well. I have pictures of all of the ancient wooden out buildings that Gumbler scrapped. In one there was a saddle and other horse stuff which was moved to the basement where it still remains. I washed and kept the wool blankets and use them as rugs and such. It's just my little way of preserving a past that is uniquely mine.

Peace and love ^j^

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