Wednesday, July 18, 2018

wag of the dog

I haven't been walking because of the extreme heat and humidity.  This morning was cooler with a nice breeze and lower humidity so me and the boys took off down the corn lane.  They love to scamper across the road in front or behind me as I trudge along.  Needless to say I could tell I've been sitting on my butt.  I intend to keep on keeping on unless it's too humid.  That sucks the life out of an old girl. 

So how about that college student that walked 20 miles to his first day at work?  That kind of work ethic is almost non-existent these days.  A lot of people reached out to help him they were so touched.  Goodness is all around us.

So it's back to Step 1 for me which has happened many many times during my life.  That's the only way that they can work is if you keep going back and letting go.  Make things right when you can and leave the rest to God.  I am pretty quick to make amends because conflict makes me literally sick and I want no part of it.  

There are several projects that I'd like to work on but the cash isn't there to buy supplies so I'll piddle some more and sort through MORE boxes and pictures.  It's never ending.  

Keep the faith ^j^

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