Tuesday, July 17, 2018

humble pie

I stand today chastised and hopefully forgiven.  With some people it doesn't take long.  Others hold a grudge forever...you never know.  I sent a prayer request the other day to a few people assuming it would be held in confidence and it was not.  It was a simple shout out for prayer and resolution with people that I trusted.  I don't blame anybody, but it sure did cause me a lot of heartache...still does.  I am sometimes so naive that I see the best in folks most of the time.  The lady at the pawn shop had on a "bless your heart" tshirt that I wanted to take right off her back. The dude buying a saxophone said that southern women can preface anything with "bless your heart" and get away with it. The camera equipment was too old and the TV too.  So.  Back to pimping frames and antiques.   

I need to have another sale which would require some organization but not a lot.  Pickers like to do just that...pick through piles and boxes.  I'm a pawn stars fan from way back.  And I have so much OLD stuff still.  

At least the TV is out of the way in the living room.  Slowly but surely I'm finding the floor in there.  I will take it to Damascus tomorrow since it's in the trunk.  I've reached that peaceful spot briefly where I know that the world will keep on turning in spite of curveballs.  You just dodge them the best you can.  It is what it is and it's in the big guy's hands.  This blog is a place of peace for me but I used to be a BIG time ranter, especially about politics and Iraq.  

Negative Nancy once suggested that I was wasting my talent on being negative when I could change someone's life by sharing my spirituality and looking at things in a positive light.  Everybody has pity parties, don't get me wrong.  But people don't wanna' read that stuff.  They want happy shit like rainbows and unicorns.  Funny shit like Colbert. People love to laugh and it's good for the soul.  Bless all our hearts ^j^

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