Thursday, July 12, 2018

aunt lydia

Well she took a beating for sure. Praise be, under his eye.  I sure do hate to see this season end.  I've still got a lot of catching up to do with OITNB before that new episode airs on July 27th.  I am addicted to both and that's about all I watch other than Colbert on YouTube.  

I think my BP is down though I have no way to check it.  I returned the 50 dolla' thing I bought at the pharmacy because it just wasn't reliable. Lotso errors and whatnot.  The girls there are nice enough to check it for me when I ask.  The heat is relentless with no relief in sight.  

I'm proud of the media for going light on the soccer coach over his decision to enter that cave.  All of the families involved praised him and shut up the blamers in a hurry.  That rescue was nothing short of a miracle.  

I was surprised to see school supply lists posted ALREADY at the 'gentral but then it's not that far away.  Reaves will be a year old in September and will be walking way before then.  Lauren started at about 10 months.  I skipped the drive over there today to try and stabilize this dizzy thing that keeps cropping up.  Hopefully that will resolve itself soon.  

The past year has been a blur.  Reaves' delivery was quite complicated both before and after requiring two surgeries post section to clean things up.  Lauren was advised not to have another child because of the perforation in her uterus.  It was repaired but is weak.  I spent so much time at the hospital in Jackson I can find my way all around it now.  Ate a lot of Subway and Chick-fil-a from the food court.  Slept on the couch and hung out in waiting rooms.  Their gift shop is awesome and I still have the tie dye tshirt I bought there.  It reminds me of that time and how difficult it was for all of us.  I was still working and trying to be a good grandma to a newborn 45 miles away.  I don't care how old you are, you need your mama at times like that.  My most vivid memories during that time are listening to the Lane homecoming band live from Talbot and the annual Soberfest at Aspell.  I even got a tshirt.

I'm still searching here, trying to supplement my income and cut costs.  What I need is a part time job that pays cash and those are hard to come by.  Therefore, I continue my quest to sell sell sell.  I'm late on everything and stay in the hole a lot with the bank.  Living on overdraft, so to speak.  Heads up on PetNinja.  I ordered a mesh gate from them to be used for Reaves and the money was promptly debited from my account in early June.  The freakin' thing was delivered yesterday from China and the reviews on it are terrible.  I haven't checked with Lauren to see if it actually works.  Beware of FB ads.  

So fat bastard over there in NOK is still playing cat and mouse with Trump which is indeed a very dangerous situation.  And if course Stormy got arrested for letting people touch her at a show and claims it was "politically motivated."  Right.  

My to do list is very small today and inside away from the heat.  I can't afford the CBD topical I was using for my shoulder and that's beginning to ache again.  I remember Mom saying that her joints sounded like popcorn and now I can relate.  With two shoulder surgeries and a bad knee I'm ahead of where she was at my age.  Just saying.

Y'all be kind and empathize.  You never know when someone needs a friend.

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