Sunday, October 26, 2014

why, yes i am!

Listening to Christmas music on this unusually hot October afternoon, that is. Not that I'm a big Christmas fan in that way where you have to go visit every single relative on that particular day. I prefer to enjoy the Advent season and celebrate all along. As a child all I cared about was the loot. But now? It's all different. There have been many times that I've doubted the King James version of who Jesus is and how the whole thing went down. Yet I have never wavered in my belief that he was a miracle worker who reached out to those in need and made things better. I guess the Old Testament just reminds me we're all going to hell in a handbasket.

Another school shooting in a peaceful state, Ebola in Memphis and Elvis is still in the building. I rarely take the time anymore to sit and read through a piece but the background on the recent rise of ISIS or whatever the hell they are and those who have had their throats cut by evil then used media to bring the point home was too good to leave. What I see here is anarchy and it ain't pretty. I believe that we are all at fault by blaming peaceful Muslims for the actions of extremists following 9/11. When Bin Laden's boys back off, you know they're nuts. While it is tragic that Foley lost his life because the US refused to pay ransom, it tells me that Obamer ain't playing and neither is the UK. As you all must know because I'm a demolibtard, it's on HuffPost. Read it for your own self.

That Foley converted to Islam as a captive is not at all unusual. Remember Patti Hearst and the SLA? Waterboarding was common and other forms of unusual punishment for umm..why exactly? To raise money for their caliphate. Here's my take on the whole deal and bear with me okay? During the years leading up to 9/11/01 the American economy was booming, everybody had a couple of vehicles and enough food. Except most of the country's money was invested in China and Wall Street. To radical Islamists, the WTC represented everything they hated about our western ways even though they were making kazillions from us on oil. Enter stage left: Dick Cheney and Halliburton. If I was a betting gal I'd say those contractors whose crispy corpses swung on the bridge in Fallujah were employed by Big Dick who somehow managed to shoot his damned hunting partner. Rich but not real bright.

The really sad part of all of it is that innocents die every day over nothing more important than money. I'd like to take a baseball bat to the rapists in India, the genital mutilation dudes in Africa and the Republicans who keep trying to overturn Roe v Wade. Like the Eagles said, get over it. Kill all the lawyers, kill 'em tonight! I was kinda' lucky at the sawmill this weekend as I actually managed to visit my mama several times and talk with her caregivers. Bubba came by with a sausage roll from Daylight and we watched her scarf it down, both of us smiling at that appetite. It's little things, ya know. I'm sorry that UT took a loss but by the score it looks like they gave it the old college freshman try. A rebuilding year is what I think Daddy calls it. Crazy neighbors are on the move with trailers full of appliances and ATVs. What I would give to have a four wheeler for exploring this farm! Maybe Sugardaddy will bring his.


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