Saturday, October 11, 2014

operation memaw

Mom called yesterday afternoon quite concerned that me and my bad shoulder plus BG won't be able to get her to the doctor on Monday. We rambled on about options and she asked questions and I said the magic word "nursing home" which immediately helped her to put on big girl panties. I woke up early today thinking about that conversation and how I had to take the role of advocate one more time by laying out the options in ways she can understand. She really doesn't understand why their good insurance (Medicare plus BC/BS) won't pay for what she needs. Neither do I honey, neither do I. If she is released for weight bearing on the broken leg her discharge to home will be the day after with temporary help to get her settled in. If not, another week at the rehab. We shall see..hmm. Her PT is a friend who shared that she has observed that often patients will do more for them than for family. Heh. I have noticed that with children who are having medical procedures...parents often make it worse!

Jordan was in a real MOOD yesterday and proceeded to roll all over the nasty kitchen floor being whiny but would pop up just in time with those baby blues to make himself precious. Drama king, to say the least. This house is his little home away from home where we know better than to keep things on the down low. I see some broken antiques in our future if I don't get 'em sold or boxed. I refuse to spend another winter with this office looking like a scene from Hoarders. My fake Christmas tree will burn brightly by the northwest window where I can see it coming up the lane. Sometimes there is snow and that's a sight to behold. My favorite picture ever is of those dark pecan trees draped with white on the "road to home."

A friend of mine posted an opinion piece regarding the issue of separation of church and state. I have listened to folks bemoan the fact that Big Ernie has been "taken out of school" for years and it makes me wonder at the audacity of some people who think that the law doesn't apply to them. It means no mingling of money or agendas, ever. As a Christian, I respect the fact that God never left school as long as a student silently asks him for help without insisting that others join in. There's the catch y'all. It has to be voluntary. I can't tell you how many times I've prayed to sweet baby jeebus as I put a needle in somebody's arm. He's everywhere, if you just believe. Oh, and to think that high school football is close to the top of our priorities right now? There are no words. Speaking of football, the third Saturday in October is next week and we all know what THAT means don't we? Go Tide...Roll Vols.

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