Sunday, October 5, 2014

roll tide

With all due respect to my Alabama friends like Nita, Ole Miss definitely deserves to be kicking some ass in the grove during football season, right Sally? For years their players were the class eff-ups in a school known for its' Southern tradition, charm and heavy drinking...preferably bourbon. I found a pin that read "Archie Who?" from my high school years and gifted one of the pathologists with it. He was a cute one that worried about my being so liberal all the time. To say that we disagreed on everything right and left is an understatement. Rather than being obnoxious like my blog trolls, he just looked at me like "poor thing."

I'm on a sawmill roll for the duration I reckon. My phone rang late last night and it was none other than MLou telling me about a "situation." When I turned up this morning I found that she and many others were keeping a watchful eye over it and handed it to us for the day. There was much updating and such and in the end that situation turned quite a bit better which is totally what I love about healthcare. When you truly understand a disease process it makes a world of difference. I have talked to folks in three different cities today and we're all in it together. Furthermore, I will use this opportunity to observe real teamwork in action to make a difference for somebody else and give credit where it is due. Or not. You can't mandate that kind of teamwork.

So other than SEC upsets, life is rolling along without me trying to control anything which is much less stressful. I'm about to figure out my new routine of stopping to think before reacting and it's working well. When I consider all the years that I had hissy fits over the least little thing I could just kick me in the ass. Except for that bad right hip ya know. This is the day that the Lord has made, each and every one of them. Keep the faith ^j^

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