Monday, October 13, 2014

throw mama from the train

I saw today unfolding as its' own little drama early on when the weather forecast included a ginormous thunderstorm watch for our historically ripe for the picking West Tennessee area. As fate would have it on this very day right when the heavens opened up I was on the phone with Mom asking if she would mind a little gettin' wet as long as it got her on her feet. Of course, she needed something plastic for her new hairdo and it ended up in the parking lot of the doctor's office. I tromped my wet ass in there looking for a "boy" to help with transport and got none other than the physician himself. X-ray dude was on an errand but he helped us out holding an umbrella when it was over. Mama asked the doc if he knew her daughter and I reminded her that we met in the OR two weeks prior to HER big break. There shall be weight bearing with a brace and a new appreciation of walking upright. High fives also to the folks at rehab who helped us get her in and out of the rain twice. My dear friend Cassie Rae is on death watch with her grandma there and we shared a hug and prayer under the canopy before I sloshed on my way toward the lane. It takes a village, indeed.

BG is frying up some mini-green 'maters which is just the right idea for a bite size snack. It's the last of tomato plants 2014 if you know what I mean. My friend Patsye is here for spring break and it looks like I'm gonna miss lunch tomorrow because A. I'm broke and B. I'm broke. Plus it will probably rain! Fall is coming in and a chill that I've not felt since March is creeping back into these old bones. Today's rain wasn't enough to cover the road again but was significant which means the wheat beans don't need watering with that expensive ass rig.

Ebola? Still there. Obama? Still POTUS. Trolls? Annoying as hell.

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  1. Amen. I wrote about two people who died this week. One set of children lost two grandparents on the same day, in different states. What are the odds? and how sad is that. I wish I could send a messenger with some moola for your lunch. If we ever meet, I'll treat you! (even if I'm broke.)