Friday, October 10, 2014

flash floods and corn dogs

It started storming last night and has done so off and on all day which means that the bottom part of my road is covered with muddy waters for about 100 yards. All the runoff from the hill pools down there which is why all my lug nuts are rusty. Daddy called to say his friend with the fancy car is picking him up for a visit to the home and I asked if they would swing by and pick up mom's clean undies..until I remembered about the water. Never mind. If I had a Mercedes, I certainly wouldn't plow through brown muck in it. Booger spent the night last night and we had a large time swinging and playing with all the shit crap laying around on the office floor like tools and whatnot. Supper was dolla' menu from Sonic which is all we could afford and he loves the corn dogs so there ya' go. He and TT are out and about in the Cadi and I hear he's got another one after screaming like a banshee. The perfect finger food for toddlers.

Ebola is what it is folks, a highly infectious disease that has been ignored for years because it only affected people in Africa, until now that is. Kinda' like HIV, if you know what I mean. World health matters have been ridiculously influenced by conservative politics and profits made by big pharm and insurance. I believe with all my heart that there is a much more effective treatment for cancer than chemo that has been stifled by the mega-companies that make trillions off of a product that often ends producing not very good results in the end-of-life care department even when there is an herbal remedy for the side effects that tightass politicians and church people want to regulate like opium. Bullshit, y'all. Compassionate care is about the value of a patient and his or her wishes, not the industry's.

So far I've had an offer to help haul garbage from a picker in a swap that was arranged by the universe. Corporate is coming so we have to get tidy and all that. Miss Mary and Juanita are booked for a meeting as well as the usual suspects like Mozella and my parents. It's all just one big happy neighborhood except for the ones on the bluff. The weather forecast is calling for rain all weekend so I see some serious sleeping coming on. With dogs, as always.


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