Thursday, October 23, 2014

american history 101

Unfortunately time didn't allow for a visit with corporate other than the locals which means I scooped up the mayor on my way to the meeting. Daddy paced after about 15 minutes looking anxiously ahead to his next appointment 1.5 hours later so Me, Mozella Mama and Harvey discussed a lot of things about farm history. His research goes back a lot further than what we know but I sense that he wants to know how in the world he ended up with this little piece of paradise. One of the oddest nuggets of that history is that his mother's family donated some land to the Catholic church where a nun lived for many years, right across the road from me. Mr Council would have been here then probably, the old horse man who managed a decade without his wife before we refurbed and moved in. I remember my first night here on the couch watching the maples leaves up front wave in the breeze and glow of the security light. At that moment, I knew I was home.

The dryer is broken and I've got a guy lined up to fix it on the side after his day job. At this point, I'm way too tired to unscrew that panel and repair the start thingy. My neighbor Jenny was out for a walk today when I headed to Mom and Dad's and we chatted through the (thank you lord) window of the Camry about life and hard times. Kids are fine. Terry's dad is about to die and she's just her usual hot mess of a self. Oscar used to be her dog until he got cut and came to live with us. Back then he was Scooter.

There are no pecans to speak of this year so Pennington's won't have that disposable income for their holiday spirit. I was describing the place to a friend and said "it's where I spend the grocery money." If I'm lying I'm dying. Mozella had a nice stand of pastel colored mums right by her driveway and I was amazed. I would give my bad right arm to be able to concentrate on the landscape like that. We talked about Nelson and Margaret and where their house used to be next to homeland security. I dug up a whole bunch of flower bulbs there and they still serve me well. He had a BBQ pit in the ground which is the ultimate in grilling and there was always a party. Margaret's chocolate pie was the best I ever tasted.

More later. Keep the faith ^j^

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