Thursday, October 2, 2014

stuck on you

There is a sudden departure going on at the sawmill and today was the finale for our favorite.boss.ever. and his trusty sidekick who will make her last round tomorrow. Together they have cut more tissue than you can imagine and diagnosed thousands of cases of cancers and other could-be-fatal diseases. I remember one time I was headed out for a weekend at KY lake to visit my cousin and got a random phone call from my old friend Kay. She ended up in surgery that night with a huge but nicely contained tumor in her colon after consulting with the best surgeon I've ever known, hands down. Never ignore a bowel blockage. I came up to visit her during the next procedure and brought my friend who did the second pass on those nodes. He was not amused. My favorite memory involves a certain native born Brit who married a WWII dude and ended up here with thrombocytosis which usually precedes leukemia. Eventually the bone marrow just plays out what with all the displacement by blood cells on crack. So, how about that Ebolageddon? We got our first lesson on Ebola preparedness today and I had to chuckle at the nurse who didn't connect a trip to Liberia with the patient's symptoms. I guess she was busy trying to find herself. Or maybe it was a guy. Nothing tickles me more than seeing men in the healthcare sector who aren't bossing others around.

We have thunder (finally) and possible severe which brought to mind my favorite tornado story. My brother and his wife both were reporters with stations in the Memphis market and I was just kind of hanging out and not watching the radar during that particular spring storm. One of them called to let me know the twister was headed for Pecan Lane and the first thing I did was try to open the damn back door to see it. Pitch black...sirens sounding and I couldn't pull that door open for anything. About that time the lights went out and I realized it was a real thing. We never went to the basement but struck out instead in the trusty old Camry for town, crossing under downed power lines and dodging trees on the road. That one tore the roof off of Polyone and damaged the high school after it killed a guy at the shady motel and ravaged the golf course. Before we knew it, the city was out there planting more trees.

I had a couple of random blessings today which is something I totally love. My salsa sister and talented jeweler showed up and gave me a big hug while telling me how much she enjoys my blog. I stopped by the loan shark's office and was about 50cent shy of my payment so a former sawmill co-worker helped a girl out. She remembered a time that it was payday eve and she had no cash so I loaned her a dolla'. How's that for karma? Shannah Boogs and TT are on the way to hit up the dollar menu at Sonic so we can all settle down and prepare for the worst weatherwise. I can't tell you how many times I've slept through the storm.

The rain has started and the dust will settle. Keep the faith ^j^

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