Monday, October 20, 2014

monday bloody monday

Whatever happens to the GMO corn stubble involving a bulldozer looking thing is happening right outside the windows of Casa Poops. Gotta' get that wheat planted, right? Life has turned into such a fast paced race that it's nice to just slow down and notice something as small as that. Maybe the dust won't be too brutal but I've got an extra AC filter just in case. It's chilly in this old house but a far cry from anywhere NEAR cranking up the heat and giving another TVA exec his bonus. I owe propane guy a whole lot less than last year and the one before so maybe our budget plan will keep cook stove fired up and enough central to keep the pipes from freezing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Otherwise, there is lots of dead wood to burn.

My office is so dark that it can be depressing at times. The northwest windows are painted shut and so smutty you can't see the beauty right outside. If I was a dreamer there would be one big bay window and a seat right under it. Hey...maybe I can build that out of barnwood! Shellye is the cutest thing you ever saw who came to work with us and promptly had a babygirl who wears giant hairbows in every single pic. She has some fence wood for me with details to be shared at a later date. I love it when that happens.

I've talked with several friends today and my parents who seem to be playing nice. A nice shower and physical therapy will work wonders for a woman's mood, if you know what I mean. As long as Daddy can watch Bonanza on time, it's all good. My friend is in Memphis with HER mother trying to keep things straight with heart issues so they can head back to Lake County. Many many times extended illnesses and transfers are the ways that the elderly spend their last days. That's where the magic of "do no harm" comes in. And after that? Make somebody's day.

Back in the day we collected samples for paternity testing when it was done only by blood draws. I took a side job with the local child service agency drawing these specimens in the back of some obscure downtown office. Once I did it in a lawyer's conference room and another time in the dentist's office. Now DNA testing for paternity is performed on a buccal swab. DNA don't lie kids so let's not fry anybody else unless that's been used as a tool for investigation. Just saying.

Tomorrow looks full and I like that. Keep the faith ^j^

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