Friday, October 17, 2014

let us pray

I took off about fifteen minutes early today from the sawmill to pick Mama up for the ride home. Of course the equipment wasn't there because nobody communicates about these things, most especially when everybody is overworked and underpaid. It's totally wrong that our government is broke and cuts benefits to people who have worked all their lives and done the mandatory IRS thing. Especially veterans. It won't be long until nobody will remember Hitler and JFK and MLK and LBJ and Tricky Dick and remind all of us that it's hell in a handbasket and our country signed up for it a lot of years ago when there were battles to be fought on foreign soil that might make an impact on injustice. The entire Desert Storm Iraqi Afghan deal was about Halliburton and the evil that comes from raping Mother Earth. Our country sent those vets home to a jobless market with no retirement. Many suffered from PTSD and more, as they signed up in America's response to 9/11. I followed Michael Yon all through those years and he didn't have a worry about Ebola...only IEDs. If anything good comes out of all this hysteria it might be that the bosses in the healthcare industry might put profit aside and share resources. It happens all the time...really!

Mama is weak and weary and quite nervous about being there with nobody but Daddy to rely on so the plan is that BG will spend the night and keep watch over that sleeping angel in the three-quarter antique bed with short legs. I thought me and Daddy were gonna' fight over the location of the toilet chair I picked up, and I should totally know better. It's his kingdom and I'm just a stupid girl. One thing I know for sure is this: My sweet Mama needs to be waited on and he's not capable. I'll keep y'all posted. She sleeps in a room that was formerly hers and Daddy's, then the den and now her haven if she will just lay down and be still. Honestly I think it was the den twice. One of my favorite pictures is of me and my brothers all piled up looking cute in our PJs on their bed. Gotta run 'cuz there's an awesome sunset coming on.


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