Tuesday, October 14, 2014

school's out

We didn't have class last week because of fall break and tonight's session got postponed because our teacher is busy with his grandma in another city getting medical assistance for her heart issues. He's a good egg like that and her healthcare DPA so there ya' go. BG washed mama's undies yesterday and I delivered them during the pre-dawn hours this morning on my way to the sawmill where there is rarely a dull moment, like..ever. The thing that strikes me about healthcare is that so many people don't take ownership of their own health and choose instead to let a highly complex system run their lives without being informed. Who among us has left a facility with an entire forest's worth of privacy notices. Just because they give you the paper doesn't mean you're not breached. That goes for any type of business of which there are many and of which some are quite predatory in nature.

I have a date for a photo-op/group selfie with all of the elders of our community next week when corporate comes. This will be an important part of my project and one that Big Ernie has pretty much laid in my lap in spite of my penchant for procrastination. It would take a lot of hours on Google to even begin to know what I have learned about the place. Some people could care less, but I sense that there's a piece of history to be recorded that is my responsibility. Maybe my creditors will love me when it's a best seller, ya' think?

I found out this afternoon that there was an F1 tornado going over when I was on the way to get Mama for her doctor's appointment. The Camry hydroplaned like a champ thanks to tires less than a year old, even if cheap. To think that my 13 year old car has kept this entire family including the old people on track with where they want or need to be is a blessing from Asian automotive technology. Oh, and the electronic devices as well. Not that I'm profiling or anything.

Call your mother. Register to vote. Keep the faith ^j^

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