Monday, October 27, 2014

watching the fall blow in

I think we set a record high today here on the lane and now the wind is whipping in that hot way that lets you know change is coming. Mama got to come home today from the sawmill and it was a much easier transfer now that she's walking a bit. One of the redcoat volunteers wheeled her out to the car and told me that she remembered both she and Daddy from their own volunteer days. Daddy got mad and quit when they moved their seats away from the original elevators. His red jacket and her pink one hang in my closet next to the never sold wedding dress and vintage girl scout uniform. I forgot I had mom's phone in my pocket so here comes Daddy up the hill on his gator with a mission of getting HER phone so that they could have three between them.

There have been times in my life when I thought I knew it all and looking back I think that it was a defense mechanism born of being called a stoopid girl. I have tried valiantly to learn survival techniques during my tenure as a single lady and have been fortunate enough to be sister to a brother who takes care of the stuff I don't have a clue about. I can feel myself slowly being engulfed in the manic phase of co=dependency where you try and try and try again to control outcomes. Reality says that isn't possible and it results in a lot of stress. Ya' think? That's the whole concept of "one day at a time" and the next right thing. Nothing can change the past and the guilt from it is enough to make us miserable if we let it. I choose not to.

Adding insult to injury, the tank on our water pump sprung a leak from rusted out spots so there's zero pressure and a lot of wet gravel. One of the Pritchett gang is across the lane plowing corn fields to get ready for wheat. Mama remarked on our ride home that the Camry was pretty loud and then told me about when she and daddy drove the back streets of Martin because they had no brakes. My buddy fixed the dryer and now the new washer is confused about spin cycles because it's all electronic I reckon. I heard there was a suspected Ebola case in the Memphis area who got TRANSFERRED to the mother ship. Let's just hope it was a drill. Once again, world health does not revolve around the citizens of the United States. And then there's the crazy French Canadian who went postal and killed a soldier for political reasons. Or maybe he was just off his meds, who the hell knows. Another student died from the Seattle area school shooting. Pundits predict that the GOP will sweep the mid-terms and that just makes me shake my pointy little head. My friends the Moody's added to their crew again today with the birth of Joe Read. His grandpa's name is Reader Franklin but he's just Chucky to us.

And all is well on Pecan Lane for the moment ^j^

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