Wednesday, October 22, 2014

left behind

Evidently Ebola has not killed anybody outside of Africa this week so it's all good with America and our priorities which seem to be preserving the King James version of the Bible and the conservative interpretation that sets us back 50 years in the area of human rights, most especially concerning women. The great state of Tennessee has introduced an amendment that would exclude rape as a legal reason to seek early abortion. Prop 2 is about whether or not to allow electing justices of the state supreme court by registered voters vs. political appointment. I know it's Tennessee but geez...give us a break and word the shit where people with marginal brain power can make an educated choice about what's on the ballot. I have always been a faithful believer in the power of the vote but I'm becoming disillusioned with the idiot mentality, most especially in the south where I've spent my entire life. Time for a change.

Mom has had home sessions with her stylist from Angel's Crown Center and the PT guy from home health, plus bath and nurse. She seems to be content at the moment and fending off random verbal assaults for her late in life independence from seeking Daddy's approval for every little movement. I know the feeling, times 5 or 10. One of my friends from back in the day mentioned that she just hated to see me go into meltdown mode because I'm always the strong one. Not so much anymore, dear. Look elsewhere, if you know what I mean.

The past ten years have been a whirlwind of change and decision making. Thus far, I have failed mightily at making any sort of positive move other than beginning a class on small business development and caring for my parents while working my ass off to pay the bills. Some of the problems are due to my own character fact most. Obedience to productivity is never a good choice sanity wise. Unfortunately, most of today's jobs require just that. True story: I went to the DG for soup fixings and was checked out by the most pathetic crackhead I've ever seen. Meanwhile all the middle class folks stopped on the way from here to there and checked out clearance merch. Our former roommate Gumby went on the road finishing concrete slabs for brand new DG stores all over the country. The work was done by Hispanic crews who drank too much and had to be shaken out of bed for the day. And for this they crossd the border?To those of you who want to hate on Robert Reich, Michael Moore,Paul Krugman and HuffPost please save your efforts for folks who will believe in what you do which is more of the same except with #ebolageddon and even more Republicans.

Keep the faith Bernie.

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