Friday, October 3, 2014

seriously cute

One of the perks of having Shannah in the fam is that she is quite a gifted hairstylist and has crafted "my" cut which she has re-created several times. The very first time she cut it she was pregnant as a cow with Boogs and her belly kept getting in the way. I spend *zero* time gettin' my ready on so it's nice to have a wash and wear hairstyle. If it gets too long it always ends up in a clip or band which is not attractive for hair as thin as mine. Alas, I don't remember the last time I wore makeup which is probably why I'm the crazy dog lady instead of Sugardaddy's favorite girl. I'm the one they're talking about when you hear the phrase "but...she has a good personality." I would probably feel better about myself if I did take the time to fix up a bit and that's something I'm going to try. It certainly can't hurt, ya' know?

There was a tornado warning last night but I didn't know it until I saw the alert on my phone this morning. I did see lightning and rain and heard thunder but that was about it. Me and the dogs just rolled over and slept some more. The sun was out this morning but now it's cloudy and breezy as the front eases on through. I'm off before a sawmill weekend and enjoying a lazy day without illness or case management. The office is a mess and the clothes are piled high beside the washer so there's that to intrude on my serenity but perhaps I can knock out a few chores in between posts. I've chatted with my teacher about having his business install some RAM on this ancient Dell because I'm depending on it to get me through the projects I have lined up. Lori aka Risible Girl sent me a Thinkpad some time ago but my eyesight is going so it's sort of little for actual production. It did, however, keep me occupied during all the times I was down on the desktop. It even has Win7 and Word!

Here's a fun filled fact that you may or may not know. Dogs love pecans! Booger was up here with me yesterday dropping them on the floor which is totally where they stayed and all morning I've heard the cracking sound of the canines having a breakfast of nuts in the shell. It's probably not the meat they're after...just something bite size to chomp on. There are one or two trees that have a crop but nothing like last year. #Ebolageddon is in full freak out mode and I'm just shaking my head at one more thing to be hysterical about. It's the perfect Fox news story since Congress is on the campaign trail/vacation.

Mom is due to return to the 'burg on Monday and it's all lined up. I'd like to give a big shoutout to the local EMS for being so helpful in arranging transport. That type of call is something just as important to the public as responding to a wreck or fall. Thank you Sam and Chad!! Not only did they refund the money from her first trip because insurance payment was arranged, but they're doing it for this one too. Great team work. That's it for me. These piles of shit aren't going anywhere unless I get off my bum and do something productive. Or not. Keep the faith ^j^

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