Monday, October 6, 2014

like donkey kong

I had a work assignment today that involved being at another site where healthcare professionals gather. As days go, it was much easier than the majority of the others that I've spent at that particular location. There must be mold up in there because I was sneezing and coughing like all get out, or maybe it was just the lack of air in my cubicle. I could probably still blame it on the GMO corn even though it rained quite a bit with more on the way. I feel sure it's acid rain, or at least purple. Mom caught a ride on an EMS truck from Martin back to the 'burg this morning and is Not.Happy at the moment. She is worn out with this day, so to speak. Hopefully the nice nurses will dose her up because there ain't no talking her out of that mood. This is where we see if she really wants to get up and go. If not, the alternative ain't so bad. We'll find her a little bell like Gaga had to ring when she needs something. The sad thing is with her? You can never do it right. Live and learn and learn. At this point we're on a wing and a prayer with no benzos on board for Memaw. I hate it when that happens.

I have a kinda' sorta' day off tomorrow where I can sleep in and do what I want to while waiting until mid-afternoon for a random mandatory meeting two weeks after the last one. I'm pretty broke so I reckon I'll be there with bells because 14cents is a lot of incentive to conform and work harder, thus proving forevermore that people don't go into healthcare for the $$. They do it to help people who are sick and dying like with that do no harm mantra. Well, sometimes. The sad thing is that most folks enter the palliative care system somewhere in their life and have been misled to believe that one can live forever. Those of us who have seen how it works will claim a different end for ourselves. Both of my brothers have asked me to off them when they get to that point and I will oblige. The FBI will be busy investigating ISIS and Obama's heritage.

The highlight of my day was a couple of hugs from my favorite breast cancer patient on graduation day from radiation. Me and her parents go way back and I was her advocate when that last baby girl got born and all kinds of issues popped up. This week is a bye for class because of fall break so I'll just do some homework while waiting for the mandatory meeting. My friend said he might be by in the morning so we'll see how that goes. This is the boy scout who drove 180 miles round trip to see my face on more than one occasion. We all need friends like that, ya know?

So, with sketchy finances it looks like a weekend sale is on and I can totally just invite selected pickers and say to hell with putting shit on tables in the front yard. They all know I have four dogs and a cat and the place is a mess, but moving toward much less of one. You can't take it with you.


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