Tuesday, October 21, 2014

set the puppies free

The sawmill was busy busy today and I was still hobbling from my increased physical activity of late so I was pretty whooped by the time I got out and over to the park where I enjoyed a nice visit with my old friend Kathleen. Her father still lives here and she's on a business trip so it was a good time for her to touch base with all us old-timers. Right before I headed into some IT training BG called wailing that somebody had dropped two random pups at the end of our lane, obviously not litter mates but looking well fed. Seeing as how our canine count varies from 4 to 5 whether Gizmo is visiting, I told her in my sternest reality voice to take them to the shelter. She brought 'em home anyway and tried to call for a pickup but nobody answered and when she showed up it was obvious why. There were all manner of people up in there bringing dogs and cats in for obvious euthanasia unless they win the lottery and get "picked." One of my biggest pet peeves is people who PAY for pets when there are so many out there needing homes. My favorite rescue story is that of the notorious Circle K who was my Christmas present from Yaya one year. She found him half frozen and hit by a car and took him to the rubber plant where she and a coworker pooled resources to board him for a week at the vet's office. Then she gave him to me and he did nothing but walk circles around the house for three months. That was a mercy killing if I ever saw one. But hey...we tried!

As it turns out, the heavy equipment I saw yesterday was none other than the gravel guy finishing up a job he started six months ago. Just like a silly girl, I ran out there asking if he could scoop my out of hand pile of trash and half burned stuff and haul it off. "I can't do that but I can sure dig a hole to put it in and cover it!" Y'all should have seen me slinging bags with my bad shoulder. I just hope the EPA doesn't read Pecan Lane is all. Dude even helped me scoop shit into boxes. My hero du jour.

As my friend and I watched leaves and acorns fall all around us, we talked about our parents and kids and friends. She is , like me, not one to embrace a competitive lifestyle but a healthy one. That is precisely why she looks about 40 in our selfie and I just look tired. Our parents are members of the Sellers Class and she was headed to her dad's house to make pizza for more family and friends. I couldn't find her at the park but she found me, chatting with BG about the poor soon to be dead puppies. Jeez.

Today is class day and my butt is so tired that I couldn't sit at a conference table for three hours if my life depended on it. The beauty of this curriculum is that if you do homework, it all kind of flows even if you don't make every session. I have already identified three or four talents that could be used to enhance my "quality of life'...maybe not monetarily, but they will give me goals to work toward in making a difference. Because really? That's what it's all about.

Carry on and keep the faith ^j^

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