Tuesday, October 7, 2014

all in a day off

We had overnight rain and I didn't get out of the bed until right after the sun came out about 9. I had to run to the dolla' gentral for something to do laundry with and picked up a discount sausage and biscuit from Rachel at the gas station across the road. After 10 they go down to 50cent so I bought two. Lunch was a chicken leg from yet another gas station in between picking up mom's laundry and a work meeting. I did manage to get up a few pics of things for sale so that we can attempt to stay solvent. The next three weeks will be a real challenge in budgeting, if you know what I mean. Most of this stuff in the office has been sitting here since last summer except for the few pieces that got shoved up in the attic. Now that Shannah's room is empty we'll fill it with treasures for pickers.

Mom survived her bad travel day and looked pretty content when I stopped by. Her sister-in-law Kaffy was sitting next to her sharing plans about her trip to the granddaughter's wedding. The window bed is occupied by a quiet sort of lady who didn't seem much interested in meeting me so I left it at that. While Mama was in Martin she was in a pod of 3 beds with a woman who required around the clock sitters just to keep her in the bed and at one point on Sunday there were about 15 family members up in there partying with Auntie. That's when she, Louise and Steve vacated to the lobby for a spell. When you get that many bodies up in a room it tends to stink up in a hurry.

I did indeed have a visitor today and we sat on the porch listening to nature and generally just being. That was right after two cop cars went racing down the road toward the neighbor's house. Mom and kids left about ten minutes later and he went by cab some time later. Not.A.Clue and don't give a damn. Let's just say my brother has required a wingman to get the exodus in process. I know they can't help it but crap! Their residence in that historic house was my daddy's last official act as farm manager and we all know how long ago that's been. His comment to me was "he's a dandy!" Indeed. Tomorrow will be a long one with many challenges one of which is arrogance personified. Y'all pray for me on that one, umkay? My friend Kimberly Jaine got stuck in the middle of her own drama last night when some guy two houses down went postal with a shotgun and did a 17 hour standoff with the law. This brave heroine of mine went outside with her phone and did a documentary of the whole thing! Her dog is needing some Xanax right about now, BTW. I bet she does too.

Keep the faith kids ^j^

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