Friday, May 8, 2015

yes i can

It's been five years since I was off more than four days except for that wretched shoulder surgery. When BG walked across the stage at UTM and got that diploma, we headed in different vehicles to the luxury of a week in Sandestin. We stayed in a very nice two story house and split the costs so that nobody went broke. Poor Paula had to fly into Pensacola that night because her brother was sick. Now I'm a redneck and not accustomed to bars and food on the beach so I spent a lot of time hauling chairs and coolers on the tram with assorted strangers. All the little houses are just like in the Truman Show,various shades of color that just "go together." I remember distinctly the day that I decided to quit Poop Happens because it just seemed old like hearts in the woodwork. And geese..OMG.

The trees that ProMo planted weren't mulched so they got kinda' dried out over the latest drought. Bubba told me when I was out "piddling" to haul a few buckets over there. One's in the shade and it's okay. The other two look a bit weary but it's still early. Who doesn't mulch their new trees? If there's any money left after visiting the loan shark I might buy some straw bales and raise some 'maters. Or not. I'm more in the mood for a bottle of Gold and Pinnacle.

We're planning an all out special-like-Christmas breakfast celebration for Mother's day down at Casa Grands. As we chatted last night she added a few more things to the menu so I'll scoop that up tomorrow. There is a doc appointment (aka parental medical transport) on Monday and I'm feeling pretty prepared with reams of paper that include advance directives and lab results. And there we'll go off in my ratty ass but very trusty Camry to see what chapter next is. You can't make this shit up@

I've been single for so long that I can't imagine trying to deal with a relationship that is romantic. That involves trust and tolerance and I can pretty much spot a player a mile away so that cuts down the availability pool. I love a whole lot of men that I could not possibly live with. Must love dogs is a start. Good listener and free with unconditional sincere hugs. Spontaneous. Financially stable and willing to meet me half way with the $. Gawd...this sounds like a Match.Com bio! Can't you just feel the love?

The to-die-for house is still a work in progress. I think exterior stuff comes next and screens for the porches. As I was leaving for the sawmill today I glanced over at some movement in the field on my left and saw two coyotes out running. I stopped and we had a moment before all of us scurried onto the next thing. My pack keeps all critters out of the yard.

Happy mother's day to all of you who have loved a child with all your heart ^j^

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