Sunday, May 10, 2015

making time count

My mother, to whom I have repeatedly referred as "almost Martha Stewart" only without the criminal record, was the guest of honor at a brunch today which we all pitched in on to make happen. My intention was to just throw some cheese grits in a pan on the stove but instead I did the whole Gaga ritual with garlic, cheese and eggs added prior to baking. There was leftover crustini from Patsye's house and even the cinnamon rolls she asked for. Pillsbury, you know. Bubba fried bacon while me and Lori repotted the petunias that daddy had laid in the pots yesterday. 36 bucks worth of flowers getting ready to die! It was fun and I even had leftovers for a pot of my own. BG was keeping Babyman and she joined us later. The table was centered with a simple gilt edged pitcher containing dark pink peonies and yellow iris. We waited on the elders and gorged ourselves. She cried when i read her my card but Bubba's funny one perked her back up. What.A.Special lady.

The humidity is wicked and pollen heavy so I'm staying in mostly. My skin looks much better since the antibiotic kicked in and I'm still itchy for Benadryl at night. My eyes are so puffy you can't see the eyeballs when I smile. My smile is pretty goofy also but at least (so far) I have front teeth. Lori and her fam were headed to Bass Pro after she left to check out Memphis' newest wonder. It is a business venture that started badly was carefully bargained out over the years and should bring revitalization to an area of Memphis that is not only historic but riverfront. yeah..the big muddy y'all. They had to do something to stop the exodus to Nashvegas.

Against all odds Bernie the socialist is raising cash hand over fist and giving everybody something to talk about. To me having him be elected would be a much greater coup than Hillary. And it will never happen, probably. He doesn't have the big PAC money behind him that she and all the GOP tribe do. And what about old Colbert the crotchety giving all those classrooms grants. That is what's up peeps. Like with healthcare, the government has lost control of education due to the fractured sets of rules and hoops to jump through. I do believe in smaller government in that respect. States like Tennessee are the worst. InsureTN and Common core my ass.

I've been told before that I'm always "negative" because I point out what my beliefs are and ask that they be respected. In this person's eyes, I'm constantly bitching about life. That is not at all my nature and is where having a good sense of humor comes in mighty handy. Yeah I can be a bitch if I have to. Those who don't get sucker punched and run over. It's called being assertive, not bitchy. Every business that I entered this morning was manned by mothers whose children live far away . One of them is BG's boss aka Superwoman. One is from Indiana and one from New Hampshire...thus the accents. It meant a lot to them to be able to talk about their kids.

That's what's up on Mother's Day 2015.

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