Monday, May 18, 2015


I was off work for nine days last week and it was so much fun, you know? The grands are kinda' sorta' in "transition" so there's a lot of drop and run activity involved and guess who lives one mile away as the crow flies? I want them to be healthy and happy and well cared for and because of their fierce desire for independence it's not a safe situation. Thank the lort' for our new favorite doctor and the home health team. I see myself as a pretty savvy clinician but this situation looks pretty desperate.

Work was great what with the giant IS outage that tested the limits of those present who are able to maintain without connectivity. What was once a monthly routine is now an occasional upgrade and I can deal with that. Somewhere along the line corporate healthcare will be obliged to recognize the value of face recognition as an added value. Maybe not in my lifetime, but someday. The technology to track units of blood being hung at the bedside is widely available yet the scanners are not. The paper trail is tremendous and tedious and it's all so seriously not necessary. This big hotshot cardiac guy in Jackson got busted for doing stents that weren't quite necessary and the facility plus dude put up 2 million in sanctions. In my humble opinion malpractice lawyers are the sleaze of the earth. I read an article today from page ONE of the Commercial Appeal trashing the financial practices of mega-labs like Quest and LabCorp and AEL. I agree, BTW.

I've had a lot of favorite path docs in my life. Inclan was cool and we drank a lot. Palacios, well just bless him. Sonia's death hit me hard because we were fellow Methodists only she was Coptic and I was ummm..not sure. Cecil Kirk did her funeral with all the smoke and bells and stuff and I remember thinking at that point in time I would miss all the dreams she had for our lab. That's when the sharks moved in. Dr. Price was odd and did the best he could with what he had. Elaine did some time there too. When the group moved in after Sonia's death, it was 24/7 coverage from their hub in Shelby. Some poor fool with a specialty in derm or coag or whatever had to drive from Memphis to D'burg M-F just to do frozens. That their children were especially spoiled is not my concern. My tiny friend Sharry told me one time of the little man syndrome which is all about making up in charm what you lack in statu

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