Tuesday, May 5, 2015

early to rise

BG stayed out late last night scheduled to go in at 10 today and ended up getting a call before 8 to come to work. She has this retainer with a fake tooth on it which is honestly the only way she will smile. I woke up when I heard her digging through the house looking for that tooth. So much for sleeping in! Of course it was in her hoodie pocket where she stuck it at Taco Bell. Lord...I'd never keep up with something like that. I've had to make an effort to start putting things I need like keys and badge on the dresser so I can scoop them up quickly in the dark. Most times my earrings match, but my socks never do. What's the point?

Before adderol became a highly over prescribed street drug, I tried one that a friend gave me. She said all you have to do is tell the doctor "you push papers around" and can't focus. That is so me, but ya'll...that one pill kept me wired for two days. It is amazing how it acts in the opposite way on those who truly have ADHD. Now Benadryl is about the only thing I take other than prescribed meds for hypothyroidism and depression. My introduction to SRUIs was a real wake up call because before that I thought it was normal to cry all the time. There's an antibiotic in the mix at the moment and the skin stuff is beginning to heal. I was damn close to an ER visit on that little deal.

So like Dylan said "Times they are a'changing." I'm not real sure what's up the pike but it's out of my hands so I'm just cruising until the next fire pops up in every area of life. That's where your happy pill comes in handy...right?

Keeping the faith here ^j^

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