Sunday, May 17, 2015

sneaky snake

That huge black snake I saw swimming in the driveway took to hiding in the asparagus bed and just about gave me a heart attack as I reached into the green. Two snake sightings in one day equals either extremely bad luck or major change on the way. As fate would have it, the grands took a turn overnight that required my presence this morning. They skipped church and when Lori pulled in Daddy was out wandering the yard doing his chores like light OFF on the flag and State Gazette in. I told her to head on out (this is twice she's showed up and got turned away) and I'd take today. When I called mama was all pitiful and said she was "trying to make daddy's breakfast" which consists of a bowl of cereal and a banana. OJ on the side. I arrived to find her trying to pour said OJ with the top on. He had lost his keys with the knife and we scoured every pair of everything resembling khakis all over the house. No keys. No knife. I told him we'd get another key and a knife from one of those 50 he's got tucked away. Nope, he wasn't gonna have it. After I loaded the washer and headed out, he stuck his head out the door to tell me he found 'em. Grrrrrrr. Mom and I plotted as I saw her back to the TV room to watch CBS Sunday Morning. I now know what the next step is and am preparing to arrange it. Somebody's medicine is wonky and I can't fix that from my home/work/non-existent social life. My dear friend and cheerleader Judy assured me yesterday that Prince Charming is just around the corner. Gawd, I hope so.

Add to that a very important financial summit this week plus work every day and there you have one stressed out gal. I am so thankful for the rest I've had on vacation because I've got a feeling it's gonna' get worse before it gets better. As my brother pointed out, things could be worse. Look at poor Aunt Granny. I think about that often, how she's in her own little world where we don't exist and my own mother is still running hers like a drill sarge. The irony is unbelievable. Granny still thinks KY cuz is alive and looks for her a lot. Same with Gaga.

I miss my Ryder's puppies and wonder if they're happy and healthy. I still have phone numbers from all those people so I should reach out see them virtually. Sam and Oscar and Sophie are happy that there's not so much frantic activity as when there were ten squirming little squealies by the porch. One by one following their mother's untimely death, they were plucked out of that flower bed and taken to new homes and lives. Miracles abound. As for me? I am broken...not really in spirit, but in initiative. I was raised to fight long and hard to do the right thing and more. It took many years of therapy for me to uncouple from the desire to be "perfect" and have it all done. It was only when I began to appreciate the beauty of the process and watching it unfold that I became truly spiritual. God doesn't care if I tithe or go to the building if I do his work in the world. I am blessed with a career which offers that opportunity on a daily basis.

I am liberal and proud of it. That doesn't mean I approve of everything Obama or any other Democrat or Republican does. Being liberal is a life philosophy that doesn't have a damn thing to do with the Dems except for a tasty hashtag. Fiscally, I appreciate conservative measures but not at the expense of the poor when the rich are getting richer. Jesus would NOT like that at all. It's in the book, in red letters.

It's raining again so I've got to be on swimming snake watch. I'll keep you posted.

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