Friday, May 29, 2015

the old days

Trying to blog on a phone is not fun for old people.  Unfortunately, I could not afford to pay my internet bill until recently because I am a middle class serf in corporate healthcare.  You know...the one who shows up every day and helps everybody and all that.  My primary responsibility is as an MT over the transfusion service at the local acute care facility.  Side jobs include covering the front desk and staffing the local oncology clinic plus catching the tube and whatnot.  It's a zoo on a good day and nice when the census is down.  It is what it is.

Just got off the phone with my mom who told me that I'm the devil (again) and that I don't understand her situation in life which is true.  If I had been married to Billie G for 61 years there would probably be a few meltdowns now and then.  That we have experienced them together is a blessing.  They are elders with pride and don't want to accept help, and I respect that.  As a healthcare provider I am concerned for their safety but they still  have their minds so what's a girl to do.  Me and Daddy are going to buy some tomato plants tomorrow to plop into the straw bales out back and I hope he has his card handy.

This has been an extraordinary week filled with blessings just from getting up and carrying on.  At 59 I'm repaying the folly of the last 14 years since my ex- husband told me I could never afford to live here on Pecan Lane and he was right.  A house built in 1918 with no improvements is a money pit with or without the history.  I'm not real good at math but I figure 26 years at 300-500 plus outrageous utilities is stupid which I am not.  Time to move on down the road.

As a side note, I paid for the privilege to get my connection back so I can write, in my own words and there is a fee attached. I just hope all y'all  like it and keep coming back.  I have crazy moments but can't make this shit up.

^j^ Faith

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