Monday, May 4, 2015

a stained glass life

I have several pieces in my house that were made by KY cousin and myself back in the day when she had a shop on Main Street in Newbern next to the hardware store and close to Dave's pool hall. I loved it as an artistic outlet when I first began but I'm not a patient sort and soon began to tire of the tediousness of that sort of work. I always had a heavy touch on the scoring thingie and managed to break a LOT of glass. My favorite piece of all time is a wind chime made from the remnants of Halls UMC following destruction by tornado. The pieces were made into things of beauty sold to help finance a new building. The circle of life never ceases to amaze me.

I have to admit I got used to the lull in activity while the grands ratcheted down to the next level. Lord, I thought I'd seen it all but nooooooo. Thank God I am a part of a dedicated team that cares for them. Their doctor called this morning wanting to get the blood drawn and done so we can re-group and come up with plan Z. I am weary with juggling their care and my work much less try to have just a little fun. Yet I know, in my heart, that the opportunity I've been given is one that many don't have and I smile in the comfort that I'm doing what I can. Because they did it for me, you know? My mother, in particular, has been my biggest cheerleader in life always telling me firmly but in a ladylike tone that I must do the right thing. Lord knows I try, just sometimes we all fall short.

I'm off tomorrow so that's good. I've started oversleeping now and then because the light is screwy that time of day and I'm just tired. This morning when I walked outside Sophie and Oscar had a possum surrounded in my freshly cut yard giving him hell. I just knew I'd find him dead because the stupid thing sat there and ran around in a circle like a minion hissing at them. Not my circus. I guess they took care of business.

BabyMan has been sick and ornery so he's staying away from Grandma's house. I'm off tomorrow and plan to be as as unclothed as possible. Spring means it's time to dust off the dirt and grime of winter and make new things happen. I believe.

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