Monday, May 11, 2015

almost a nurse

My parents have been having multiple issues that need looking after so we went back to see their new favorite doctor this morning for a med tweaking session. Mama's congestive heart failure is flaring and her O2 was only 90% so there's nighttime oxygen in her future if she passes the Medicare field test. All you medical types will know that means when the DME people have to document that she needs it. Her Lasix was upped and an ACE and beta-blocker added to take some stress off that little heart, just bless it. Daddy's was uneventful except for deciding that I'm back to being pill counter, this time for him. He's totally not buying the bubble thing and it's just hit and miss. He's only on 3 things but they are important.

We arrived at the desk where I chatted with my co-worker who has been cured of liver failure by a new wonder drug that costs 1100 bucks a pill. Hey...if it works, it's worth it. The nurse took all my papers and we painstakingly went through the whole deal with the doc who has to take out his hearing aids to listen to your heart. It's hilarious. He and I conferred across the table in that crowded little room accomplishing more in 30 minutes for resolution of their issues than most people can after a week long hospital stay. The difference is because he's paying attention to detail. He and his older partner practice in a place full of cubicles in a facility run by my own employer. They asked a few questions but mostly just let us do the care plan. I love it when that happens.

Mom treated me to lunch from Sonic on the way home and Ms Faye had already folded my dry clothes so I was feeling twice blessed. I've got a handyman coming today to see if the dryer can be fixed so let's all sing kumbayah on that one. The washer has had a break so it's doing better. I don't even know where a laundromat is in our town. The dogs are digging for moles and getting muddy as heck. Monsoon hit at 8AM today and I had visions of carrying umbrellas over walkers and canes but it cleared off for us.

Stay tuned for more adventures in parental medical transport.

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