Friday, May 15, 2015

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I've been using Firefox which I totally love except for the fact that I get "re-directed" when I try to check GMail on that browser. I think that's just tacky, especially since Chrome can't be uninstalled so that it's not all sabotaging the competition. Or maybe I just don't know what I'm doing. Most of my fact checking is done by email which is on the phone that is Google friendly out the ass. I still owe about 200 bucks on the previously shiny red bad ass Galaxy4. WITH a cracked screen. The dryer is pulled out ready for the recycle and the washer is probably headed that way too. Thanks to constant effort on our part, the clothes are clean. It takes a village, you know. My feeble Mom was folding my scrubs last night and mentioned she would like some of those to kick around in. Oh.Yeah! Drawstrings and velcro rock with the elder set. Daddy is being obstinate and not taking meds or using protection so there you go. The new bed was delivered and we're staying on top of that. I made him take the damn pills while Miss Faye fried him up some tilapia. She and I had DQ on the way home from x-ray. I swear to you, we had to wait for the truck to bring in Dilly bars.

I cruised up to see my CE friends this morning and found po-po busy on the scene dusting for fingerprints I had noticed this mini-cooper with their logo on it race ahead of me and turn in. The first character that came to mind when I saw her go running up in there was the admissions woman on Nurse Jackie. My parents were volunteers at the hospital for years on end, pushing wheelchairs and minding the desk and a whole lot of spiritual giving fo' free. The woman, Ms Joyce, who helped me get Mama in today used to work with both of them. Sis-in-law Kathy sits up front and greets so they got to visit while I was retrieving the trusty Camry. Mom says I'm getting door handles for my birthday so there's that to look forward to.

I am in the process of down sizing my life and having a big old yard sale to clear out corners. Look for the sign on the electric pole! It is dark and dreary spite of us doing our best to make it cheery and personal. It is rented and not properly cared for, thus the thousands I have paid over the years to heat and cool and and mow it. There comes a time when a tiny little apartment looks pretty damn good. I love this house but it isn't mine except in spirit. That includes both of the others that have housed an assortment of people that I love with all my heart. I'm not a young woman anymore, the kind who can move mountains and save the world. I do my best, one day at a time, to spread the love and endorse peace and naturalistic healing. #Lorna

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