Saturday, May 16, 2015

swimming upstream

I'm deathly afraid of snakes when they're all hiding and shit but I watched one through the window today floating on the rainwater in my driveway having a grand old time. It was a big one and black and "they" say that black snakes are good ones so I didn't shoot him. No wait, I don't have a gun! I ran over his brother accidentally last week on some mission or another. It only took a day for the buzzards to clean up. My week off was mostly mild and sunny which I count as a huge blessing and is much better than five days on the beach with all that drive time. I've spent a lot of quality time with my parents and know what the new normal will be.

Sub girl at the CE was all nervous about being there by herself on the day after a board got nailed up over the entry point of the crime. Now I ask you this...what sort of dumbass thinks this kind of place keeps cash after hours??? I guess they scored some free snacks and ink pens while they were there. That kind of random idiocy just wears me out. Most of it is bred from poverty. So my vacay is not yet over as I'm enjoying a lovely monsoonish day listening to music and working on piles. Dryer is still dead and washer almost in can't use. I don't even know where a pay laundry is so I guess we'll just keep depending on friends and family to help. The utility bill should be uber cheap for May but it won't. Freakin' TVA.

I have a very deep sense of unrest right now. I am angry that so many have so much and so many more have nothing. I don't believe in entitlements as reparation for past injustice. I believe that healthcare should be primarily preventive and separate from big pharm and insurance. One free glucose check on a fasting patient tells you more than 18 insulin levels. As long as it's coded right by diagnosis, the insurance will pay but there's a lot of auditing and checking and whatnot that goes along with that piece. All of this is controlled by CMS among other federal holders of the purse strings. When I first started to work at the county hospital there was one bill for all services and it was entirely on paper. With boiling test tubes. You can't make that shit up, you know? One time I watched as my supervisor performed an autopsy with a cig hanging out of his mouth while he ran the saw. I never ate liver after that. Daddy loves his new bed and I got the rest of their errands done during the monsoon. Pills are counted and delivered to be recounted and delivered again. All is right at Casa Poops!

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  1. Hang in there, Poopie. Prince Charming is just around the corner.