Sunday, May 31, 2015

the day that the lord has made

Vacation bible school starts today at FUMC which is where we ALL know the beginning of learning scripture happens.  Tiny little hands and patient mothers do finger painting and have snacks and generally tie it all together in a biblical way.   I never missed one, nor did BG.   It used to be during the day, a place to park the kids during a week of summer.  Now it's more hands on with entire families involved instead of those poor few who are tireless, like Patti Lou.  As Christian ed director, this is where she shines.  She is also, BTW, the one who talked me into being county-wide GS cookie chairman one year, in charge of distribution for every freakin' troop!

I had church today while talking to Lori about the grands and doing laundry.  We are on the same page, often silent and just taking it all in one day at a time.  Mama slept for 14 hours and I had to check and see if she was breathing.  While Daddy was having the "skinny" at eggs and doughnuts, we chatted and got her settled in the chair.   It is both exhausting and exhilarating at the same time if that makes sense.  It is an extreme honor and privilege to know my roots. I think my little meltdown convinced her I'm on the edge, figuratively speaking.  They had a bit of company yesterday so there's that.  When your world consists of bed to bathroom it's a treat just to sit somewhere different.    There was some confusion over which paper products are for what but that was settled today.  Baby steps.

It's rainy and muddy and fifty shades of humid around here but so far no flooding.  I'm a bit leery now over that fifty year one in 2010.  That's when the crackheads were rescuing me and BG and the screaming  infant while doing wheelies in the mud.  That baby was howling and I told Lauren to jump and was about to myself when we hit pavement.  That, was Big Ernie.   Of course then the dumbasses drove through the deepest of the water with us still in the back.  Can't make it up, y'all.

We are still dryer-less so I'm headed to the grands to move loads and check on life.  More later ^j^

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